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  1. FR accepted xx

  2. FR accepted xx

  3. Hi Mumoffive - I found a decent link for ultrasonic fat cavitation; http://www.affinityipl.com.au/site/fat-removal/

  4. For sure - I'll post heaps of info after my consult xx

  5. It's such a tough choice, I really don't know what I'd do. I think 360HP would leave your gap a little wider, but they'd look bigger from the side.. Can you fit/do you want 400 mod+? I'll keep an eye out for you update after your consult :) Hope you're not stressing too much about it xx

  6. Hi freidabc - how are you going with your revision planning? Have you decided on an implant yet? xx

  7. Hi michellemoo - sent you a FR - would love to see your 255s :) xx

  8. FR accepted xx

  9. Thanks Bex! Some hot biatch said I should put it up... xx

  10. Sorry to hear that you're having such a hard time with your surgeon being so difficult teelee - his behavior is really not acceptable, regardless of whether he thinks you have a good result or not. The post-op pics you have up look amazing, so I'm guessing they've dropped a little too low because of the crease issue? I really hope you can find a solution soon xx Jen

  11. Hi hun, sent you a FR - would love to see your results. There aren't many active forum users after about 12 months post-op xx

  12. I know it's hard but try not to stress too much :) This time tomorrow, you'll be all finished and tucked up in bed. Good luck, can't wait to hear how you go xx

  13. Good luck tomorrow! So exciting :D xx

  14. Hey hun, just dropping by to wish you good luck. Don't forget to take some new before shots for yourself so you can look back on them and see the improvement when you're going through the weird stages of unders/dual planes xx

  15. I was an A/B but usually wore a C to hide the spillage from the excess skin. Your skin condition is great - you're going to have great results xx

  16. Hi MissPea :) How's your progress going? xx

  17. Also, 315 was the smallest I could go to fill out my excess skin, otherwise I would have loved 270s for a small D. DD/E cup bras are a bit of a pain, I always find myself lusting after the cute little C and D cup bras...

  18. It's sooo hard isn't it? EVERYONE I asked said for me to go with 360 so I didn't regret going smaller, but my gut said 315 and I'm glad I stuck to my guns. Ultimately, it was my choice made for my reasons xx

  19. How's the decision-making going? Is it doing your head in yet? :) xx

  20. Hey hun, FR accepted xx

  21. Hi Boobie mumma :) Just saw that you're getting a redo with unders - have you had some problems? Is the cost of the revision covered? xx

  22. Hi hun, sent you a FR. I'm sure they'll feel much bigger once they drop and fluff :) xx

  23. Hi katzmagik - sent you a FR :) Would love to see your before/afters as I have scoliosis too and a bony chest xx

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