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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Harwood 20/09/12
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    175cm 54kg 10A

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  1. Hi JenJen, while at first I really wanted to have them at the same time, I have decided I would rather have them seperately so for one the recovery is not as hard and two, hubby and I were not keen to spend soo much money at the moment. I think I will probably be looking toward putting it off for 2 years and having it around the same time of year in 2014. That gives me time to have completely healed from the BA and pay off the credit card (that's how I'm paying for the BA) and also plenty of time to save up for the TT with no rush, just putting a small amount aside every week. Looking forward to seeing your BA journey too and maybe even sharing the TT one with you in the future :) x