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  1. Ive always kind of been the golden child (im trying to be modest hahah) as i was the sibling who moved out of home early, looked after myself for the most part, have a full time job while studying full time and never caused my parents any trouble. My brothers on the other hand (older &younger) have spent a lot of time sitting around doing nothing and needed a kick in the pants to get them moving. My little brother is still in this situation and apparently my dad & older brother did a bit of an intervention for him as well trying to get him to start studying ... so this isnt new to them!! I paid my deposit before i told any of them so that they couldnt have a say - which they probably arent happy about haha I can imagine you will be really excited!! if you dont manage to get much sleep tonight then you will have all that recovery time to catch up on sleep! im so excited for you!!! not long now and you will be waking up in recovery :) good luck! (not that you will need it)

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