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  1. $20,000 includes hospital fees, the total surgeon fee is $15,500. Yes, he told me that ill still have to wear a bra as theres always a chance the deformed shape will return and that the perfect shaped boob I always imagined I will never be able to have as the shape mostly stays the same just with an implant. I guess its just my fault for thinking that I could finally get the 'normal' boobs ive always wanted. I have looked at similar cases, I know I probably wont be 100% happy but im not now either so its just a really hard $20,000 decision.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if there are any Adelaide ladies who have got their tuberous breast correction from Dr M who would be happy to meet and chat with me>!?
  3. Hello, im coming up to my June surgery date and and considering cancelling the whole thing I am going to Sydney from Adelaide to have Surgery with Dr M and they have just sent me a quote that totals around $20,000 this is just crazy for me seeing as I could spend this on moving out for travelling. Im going back and forth with the idea that id rather be unhappy forever than pay that amount for something thatll never be perfect (Im a perfectionist) and if they don't turn out as hoped they will continue to disrupt my life. I feel im in between a rock and a hard place in deciding wether to go ahead. My breast have heald me back forever, maybe I should just force myself to live with them. Ps sorry for all this moaning. I need guidance
  4. Im in Adelaide and I just received a re-quote from Dr M all up its coming to around $20,000.
  5. Dr M is the doctor that said this to me actually. i know he's the best so I'm still going ahead, I want it fixed!
  6. In regards to a referral, I am also from Adelaide. Just got to any GP and book in with a male doctor as they tend not to ask questions or try and talk you out of it like ladies do. Just say you need a referral for Dr M x
  7. You put all my thoughts into words that's exactly what's running through my head! I have a year to loose weight and get my head straight which I now will also spend comprehending this and making it more positive, being a perfectionist and someone who hates spending month has its downsides!!
  8. So my surgeon said that with tuberous breast you can get implants and get it 'corrected' but it will never actuall be 100% fixed. He said after time you can get the puffiness and pointyness back as that is how our cells are programmed to form. In addition you still have to wear a bra all the time with the odd bra less night as the deformed shape can return (something which I was not aware of, I was excited to be bra less all the time haha). aacter knowing all this I'd like to hear others thoughts on it as my thought process is that it sucks that it can never really be fixed for good....etc thanks everyone!
  9. They look amazing! does the fact that the surgery doesn't actually correct the breast tissue influence your decision in any way, it kind of worries me that there will still always be the chance for symptoms to return. thank you im going to use your images to say this is how I want to look haha!
  10. I'm planning on loosing 15kgs. And from there I'll see if I'm happy with the result, if not I'll loose more. That's why I put off so I can be happy with my whole self.
  11. haha all the insurance places ive rung today say that cover 100% of many of the costs. they also said id definitely get the money I paid toward health insurance over the year back plus make more savings, which is great! Thank you
  12. I will be going to my 'pre op' consult still so I have a chance to have a face to face conversation with him, ill probably cry haha Photos probably aren't the be all and end all but they are a clear indication, the only photos I can see are the ones on the website, they cant email any similar cases as the ones online are the ones who agreed to make their image public, although similar case photos would be helpful. yeh its hard having high expectations.... Thank you so much, yeh I agree, currently looking into health insurance and having this in my future is helping me avoid chocolate! xx
  13. When I had my consult with Dr M he asked if I had it I said no, he said I should get it and it would save me "thousands" I guess 2k is pretty decent! Thank you for the advice!
  14. Hello, I would love some recommendations of Private Health Insurance companies and packages. I am aware that many insurance companies do not cover plastic surgery. id also like a rough idea of how much I may receive back THANK YOU EVERYONE XX
  15. I live in Adelaide And yes I have in Adelaide and many surgeons have seen my photos and given their recommendations. I think my expectations are where I went wrong, they've been to high. I figure if I go to the best surgeon ill get the best, hes done many tuberous breast operations so he is experienced. I did do a lot of research and in the end had to choose between him and Dr T. I chose Dr M and Dr T's receptionist said that I wouldn't get perfect results, that was my deciding factor. I have postponed surgery which is a little disappointing, although it gives e time to get to my ideal weight, come to terms with less than perfect and also get so health insurance to save some more money!
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