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    Tummy tuck
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    Dr like stradwick 8/8/16
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  1. Hi I having a tummy tuck in five weeks pretty scared with stories on here don't like the swelling stories mine will be major with muscle repair taking three hours oh well I have to go through with it now it's paid
  2. Sorry not sure about the sunny I am on the goldie and mine is booked in for 8th aug
  3. How long did you wait to have your op my op is 8/8 which means a wait of four and a half months
  4. I am booked in with dr luke stradwick on 8/8 for tt and he is fantastic so down to earth he is in southport
  5. Surgeon 8400 anasethic 1650 hospital and theatre fees 5582 yes waiting time has increased dramatically over the years I only had to wait six weeks for breast reduction just hope txt is worth it as much as reduction x
  6. I am going with dr stradwick on 8/8 for tummy tuck he was great on our consult
  7. I am going with dr stradwick on 8/8/2016 for tummy tuck he was great in our consultation
  8. Finally got all my costs for tummy tuck and now booked in for op on 8/8/16 seems a long way off but gives me time to save for hospital fees as I am not insured
  9. I have been quoted 10k for tummy tuck but I am trying to find out how much are theatre fees as I am not insured tiaTia Hi jukes how may nights and which hospital trying to get a quot myself as I am not insured
  10. Trying to find out theatre costs as I am not insured tia
  11. How much are theatre fees for three he tummy tuck without insurance tia
  12. Yes I lost 40kgs five years ago and have my ps consultation on 22/3 for tt but bmi is still 29 despite strict diet and pt four times a week hoping he will still do it
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