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  1. Hey vick4a I do like how thorough that was of Dr Montien saying to no at the same time. When you think about it its quite logical, if you were to sneeze not only would it hurt your nose, but your abdominals! Yo wouldn't want to be in any more pain then you have to be right lol. I wanted to go in a group as I was a bit wary going by myself, but the prices for that was quite expensive. However I have found a great company to go through...they do tours & the price is very reasonable, so it looks as though I am going to be going with Dr Boonchai. My research has been going on for almost a year now. I have decided on and changed companies 2 times, then decided on going on my own, and finally found the company I'm happiest with & am going through now. (They are called International Cosmetic Tours if anyone wants to get in contact with them). Changed what Dr I wanted at least 4 times lol. This definitely has been a very difficult decision for me, I had no idea it would use me this much grief lol. But I needed to feel 100% happy with my choices. Good luck for your surgeries Keep me updated! Hey MrsClaus Nope i haven't gone yet, I have actually rescheduled until November now. I am going on a group tour with a company called International Cosmetic Tours and the pricing is very reasonable so I am finally happy with the choice I've made. And I am going with Dr Boonchai. I can say this has been the hardest decision I've had to make haha. Originally I wanted to go with a group but it was to pricey, but with ICT, the price is in my budget and very reasonable so I feel at ease knowing I won't be on my own now lol. Where are you travelling from? Hey Julz_2014 I've found great things about Dr Narupon as well and he was who I wanted if I went to PPSI. I was going to go there by myself through ICT, however i have just found out they are doing tours to Dr Boonchai in Bangkok and the price is very reasonable so I am going there Puts me at ease not being by myself! Would you have any pics of your TT you could share? Hey mumO5 Cool, did you find you got a good result from your TT? Was your scar able to be placed low enough?
  2. Hoping to acquire some info and pics from Dr Montien and Dr Boonchai for mummy makeover so I can finally make a decision. Anyone had either doc and willing to share their experience? Thanks
  3. Hey Sonnic I am still trying to decide on the Dr I want. Just when I seem to think I am there, I see or hear things that change my mind about Drs I've narrowed it down to Dr Pornthep, Dr NJ, & Dr Montien. I'm having a BA, BL & TT. I think I am most worried about placement of the TT scar. I've seen some really high ones & some really wiggly not straight incisions, & that's not the outcome I am after. So that is stressing me out. I have been advised of 2 companies that are very good to purchase the post op garments from. Leonisa is one and the other one is Body Plus. I'm not sure who I will get them through as yet but I will be getting them in time before I head over. Where are you travelling from & what dates are you looking at?
  4. Hey ladies! Anyone heading to Bangkok for any surgery? Im heading over by myself & would like to catch up with people if the timing works out. Im heading over approx July 3 for 2 weeks
  5. Hey karajd88 Would you mind sharing the costs for your surgeries for going hospital direct, and also would you mind sharing your results? Totally cool if not. Im looking at going there, same Dr, but for a mummy makeover and am wondering whether or not to use an agency. Thanks so much
  6. Hey jenn89 who was your Dr? Do you have any pics you wouldn't mind sharing?
  7. If you are home, how long did you have to stay for?
  8. Hey Boo226 Thanks for writing back What did you end up having done? Pretty good odds with just the food being off lol!
  9. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has had a mummy makeover with Dr Narupon? I've seen a little of his BA & BL, but nothing on his TT. Has anyone had a TT, or mummy makeover with him and is willing to share pics with me? I've been researching for at least 6 months & I just can't get settled on the right Dr but from what I have heard he is amazing. TIA
  10. Hi mazyk82,just wondering how your surgeries went? Im looking at having the same surgeries and Dr. Trying to gather as much info on him as I can lol. Could you share some photos if you don't mind? Thanks Hey Boo226, how did your surgeries go?
  11. Oh that is just fantastic Im so happy for you! I will definitely want to have a friend over there for sure! I have also seen great things about the hospital, and he doesn't have any bad reviews either! How exciting, the countdown is on
  12. I'll be going hopefully anytime from the 2nd of July for 2 weeks as well. And I've heard great reviews on the hospital too
  13. fitmumof5

    Hi all!

    Hey there Where abouts are you going for your surgery & have you chosen a Dr? I am also going to Bangkok in July & I am still trying to decide who to go through. I'll be having a mummy makeover
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