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  1. I had the same dilemma and finally went with mod plus as I wanted a more natural look. I've got 350cc mod plus in May. FR request me to see some photos?.
  2. I went with Dr Mark Lee in Subiaco too. I'm very happy with my results. Feel free to friend request me to see some photos or ask some questions. I'm just over 3 months P0.
  3. @jstev7 your sternum looks very bruised and swollen which is pretty normal after this operation. Once the swelling goes down your boobs will move closer together and look bigger (like zero boob-gone did in her 3 month pic). Give it a few weeks, they change heaps like the other girls above have said. Check out my pics if you like too. I had mine done about 5 weeks ago.
  4. @MissP17 I had my surgery 4 weeks ago. I got 350cc mod plus. I am pretty happy with them so far. I think the difference between 325 and 350 is about two tablespoons or a shot glass of liquid. So not much at all. Most people say go bigger! I went for the biggest I could in the mod profile plus because I was after a more natural look. The high profile ones have a bit more projection I think. Check out my photo gallery if you like.
  5. I had small perky boobs pre kids- then tiny empty boobs after breastfeeding ?. So I am pretty happy with them now! @Ash.U
  6. @Ash.U Wait until the swelling on your sternum (the area between your boobs) goes down. Your boobs will look heaps bigger and move closer together. I thought my boobs were too small and flat until the swelling went down. Mine are looking pretty good now 4 weeks post op. I only got 350cc.
  7. Thanks @MissJulie. I have tried the tape and it has helped a little. Great tip! Everyone is looking great! I hope the ladies having trouble with their recovery get it sorted out soon. I was just wondering if anyone else can feel their implant when they sleep on their side. My boobs have softened and dropped a bit and when I lay on my side and my boobs fall together I can feel the edge of my right implant (in two places) in the cleavage area. It's kind of pointy in one spot and like a crease in another. My right boob has less tissue. The other side is fine. Do you think this is normal or should I get it checked out? Also @jolive7 when did you start running and what type of sports bra did you get?
  8. Hi ladies, my boobs esp my nipples are so sensitive and sore ATM. I'm about 2 weeks post op. How long until everything settles down? Any helpful hints? And when did you stop wearing a bra at night time? Thanks
  9. @Janey86 my boobs were quite far apart because my sternum was quite bruised and extremely swollen and my boobs were very hard and high. I am day 11 now and the swelling and bruising have finally gone and my boobs have started to soften slightly. So my boobs are now sitting nicely with cleavage. I think it depends on how your boobs were before the BA.
  10. Hi girls, I had my BA with Mark last week . My stats were 172cm, 50 kgs, 10A/B cup- 350cc mod profile plus unders. PM me if you have any questions.
  11. Good luck girls, the op will be all over soon- remember to take your pain meds regularly and rest, rest, rest! My swelling has just gone down and my boobs have only just started to soften a bit a week on from surgery. Thank goodness. I've been feeling a bit emo the last few days. I had no idea that the surgery can make you feel so bloated too. I've looked about 3 months pregnant all week- hubby was freaking out (we already have 3 boys!) Can't wait till the new boobs feel more natural and my body goes back to normal so I can go shopping for new clothes, bras and bikinis. Yay!
  12. Hi girls, what type of post op exercises did your dr tell you to do to help you recover? I was just told to take the meds, rest and not lift anything- that's it. Can I go for a walk yet? It's day three for me, once I've taken the meds I am feeling ok.
  13. I started taking arnica tablets today, and I'm feeling pretty good.
  14. Wow @Miss Rose they look absolutely amazing! As does everyone else! Oh boy, I was in so much pain after the surgery last night I almost fainted. So I took my meds throughout the night, and I feel heaps better today especially after a shower. So girls that are still to have the surgery- don't be afraid to take the pain relief every few hours. Here's my fabulous new boobies!
  15. Hey everyone, I'm home now and have had a chance to have a little look and feel. My sternum (cleavage area) is so sore and puffy. Is this normal and does it go away?
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