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  1. I had my surgery with Dr Richardson. Ridiculously happy with my results. He told me everything i needed and gave a lot of information. Didn't need to ask him very much. He and his team are fantastic. Love my boobies.
  2. @Sylve noise is normal. Spent last 3 days completely dead from migraine and had to go to hospital because i couldnt keep anything down and was severely dehydrated. It hurts to throw up and cough with boobies.
  3. 7 days post op now! Been pretty good, right boob incision is a bit sore on side closest to armpit, have some shooting pain randomly but otherwise feel fine. I can't sleep very well on back. Very happy I bought a shower head attachment thing for my bathtub as it's made it a lot easier to wash self. Day 2 was spent having many naps and netflix. Day 3 i was woken up by a your parcel has been delivered alert - postman decided to leave my parcel outside, nope was on bottomstep next to foot path that i had to go down 6 flights of stairs to save as i live on a main road. Stopped taking en
  4. I have boobies! So happy. Ended up getting 270cc. Just got home and put all 20 of my piercings back in. ;_; laying in bed being guarded by my protection kittens. Feel really good.
  5. Have another consult on the 23rd of feb and surgery booked for 13 march with Dr Richardson. Going around 200-300cc hoping to look like a C cup. So excited about it. My bwd is 11, height 170kg weight 50kg. Currently ~ 8A.
  6. I have a few piercings that i cant remove (such as 6 microdermals which would need to be cut out) and my surgeon (Dr R) said it's okay and they'll bandage them up. I've seen some people told they havr to come out so it completely depends on whose doing it.
  7. I'm booked in March and picked Southbank because the days available suited me/my partner and his work schedule it's closer to home. It's cheaper which is a nice bonus but would of gone to Valley if Southbank wasn't available.
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