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  1. No ones given you a reply so I'll give you one i had my first rhino at 17, I hated my nose. Had a huge bump on it... my parents paid for it because I was soo young. They both had big noses and got nose jobs when they were young.. my mum knew I hated it and what it was like to have one..plus I used to complain about it everyday since I was 14 fast forward 7 years, it's not that I'm not happy with it And there's nothing very wrong with it but I'm going to get revision on it... my friends and family think it's fine but same as you, when I take a photo it's not what I want it to look li
  2. Just to add it looks awesome from the side profile.. give it some time to heal and go down.. when I took my cast off I still had a little bump on my nose.. it eventually went down.. just give it some time.. it doesn't even look bad anyway!
  3. I forgot but I think my bwd is 12 and my implants are 12.5, you can go a bit over. Just get xhp
  4. Would love to see how they change lol goodluck x
  5. under- like others have said it's up to you what you want. Of course its going to be an improvement, they will be bigger. So if being a bit saggy doesn't bother you go for it.. but atleast you know what your expectations are. Mine are so much better then those little things I used to have lol I can survive not going braless for now, it's not a big deal for me but 110percent will get a lift sometime in the future
  6. It is possible and its not that it looks horrible, but you just have to know they won't be as high or perky as you probably wanted.. either way after kids you might need a revision anyway so guess you have to decide
  7. How far ahead are kids because if there 5+ years I would get the lift now to enjoy the next 5 years of your boobs. mine sit so much lower than my friends.. I can live with mine for now but you won't see me in a top with no bra. Even in a sports bra sometimes they look saggy so I wear 2 to support them up lol. There's someone on here who was in same situation and went and got a lift pretty much straight after. It all depends on what you want.. I can live with mine for now but Judt warning you they will sit low on your chest. In this pic I'm wearing two bras So u could imagine w
  8. Not bottoming out.. I'm feeling that one of your boobs seem to be more fuller in the upper pole and the other is sitting a tad bit lower.. it was prob like this before your op but because you had no boobs you never noticed it or took much notice of your boobs.. mine were like this and still are. One is just more perkier but really nothing drastic where it's a concern. I'm always in a sports bra so you can't tell
  9. Hi is there any way to delete your account or turn it off? Over it now and dont use it lol
  10. It wasnt accurate for me mine looked smaller once in. I don't see how someone could think there too big for you ,
  11. Get a taxi to take you to your hotel? If you have a bag or whatever the staff should help you take it to your room. i know everyone is different but I was honestly fine straight after op.
  12. I have an overbite (not sure if it makes any difference) and my upper and lower lips look like that from the side, so does my friends... but we have 5+ mls in our lips. I don't know how many mls kylie Jenner has but its obviously more than 1 so I wouldn't worry about getting her look if your only getting 1ml. Its just like getting your first BA and looking at a girl who has 1000cc and worrying you will look like that. If anything you prob won't even tell a difference after 1 ml.
  13. When they drop you will get more lower pole making them more rounder which may 'look' as though they are biggger. But nothing drastic... even if u tell your surgeon you aren't happy with the size theres nothing he will do about it, it's the size you picked! At the start I straight away wanted bigger, but 1 year post op I don't mind the size as I've gotten used to them. Dont get me wrong if I ever needed a revision/lift I would definitely get more CCs, but I wouldn't go out of my way just to upgrade size. 100percent il be getting a lift in the future though hahA so I guess
  14. What's with these posts lol. do they come on here to promote the doctor or something
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