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    Breast augmentation
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    Mark lee - April 7th 2016
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    BWD 11cm, 156cm 49kg 350cc hp under muscle
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  1. @Blondiva yes! Sorry I don't get much time to log in anymore .. I got 350hp bra size 10e or 12d x x x I havnt put new pics up but am 8 weeks post op and super happy! X x x
  2. My recovery with Mark has been a breeze !! The pain was so minimal I was shocked, I had very little bruising . I took my pain killers often so this may be why I started back at work 3-4 days later(slowly) and was off all medication by 10 days post op, I was doing everything except lifting my children, ...
  3. I am off all pain meds and feel totally fine ... Am picking up my 2 year old , doing most things now... Still no exercise .. I went back to work about 4 days after the op, I have my own business doing eyelash extensions and eyebrowsculpting so I could limit the amount of clients I had at the beginning , I think u will be fine in 10 days but everybody is different... Sent FR x x
  4. ? how silly! Of coarse he will have to give you the reduced fees!
  5. Mark doesn't use post op bras he says get the seem free ones from best and less to start with xx @kg95 that's if you choose to go with him
  6. Sure babes, I'll try load some tonight after work ?
  7. I have 350hp unders, bwd 11cm 156cm 50kg x x I have pics in my profile, but u will need to FR ??? Ps my recovery has been an absolute breeze..... I also have a 2 year old ... Mark is very talented
  8. Aw thanks honey, they look really different again from then to now, they seem to be getting bigger haha! I'll have to update my photos x x x.
  9. yes! I'm happy with the end result so it makes it so much easier to take haha, x x
  10. I know it's such a good price! I'm so jelly I missed out on it ?
  11. Yes he has babe, just call the office He's roughly $9500 ish I think
  12. How are you feeling @KittenLover ??? Hopefully better x
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