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  1. Thanks so much everyone. No I dont know any lawyers personally but will put my feelers out. Its just such a frustrating experience as I have lost alot from what has happened as I was so emotionally unstable for so long. Especially as I used to work in the fitness industry where looks are very important (I have since left) and put my partner under a lot of pressure. With there being 3 surgeries instead of 1 to recover from. So I greatly appreciate any advice you guys have or anyone else that you know of that's had problems with him. Its a good idea Dee Envy to get more info on other people.
  2. To be honest I dont know what to do. I would like to be reimbursed in some way as I went from needing lets say a $9000 op in Aus to needing a $13,500 to fix all the damage. I have problems with my left implant as it it and will never have perfect breasts now. I also had to have a mini lift (im only 23 with no kids) meaning I also have scars around my nipples. Any ideas on what I should say in the letter? An thanks so much for all you support. Needless to say 2013 has ot been my year!
  3. Hi guys I havnt been on the forum for about 6mths (whoopsies) but just wanted to share with you all some recent info I found out about Dr Teerasit. For those who may not remember I had a BA with him in Dec last year then had my implants removed in Jan this year because of dodgy stitching and not being able to support the implant weight. Anyway my friend got her BA with him also at the same time. Now 11months on she had to have a redo as her breasts had already dropped 2cm. When they took out her implants they found that: 1. They were the wrong size. She signed for 400cc but only 350cc were p
  4. I was just told to remove all tape and after a week i was told to moisturize like crazy. Apparently the tape also helps keep thescars thin so you do risk them widening a bit!
  5. I will be in Phuket/Patong on holiday at that time so if anyone is super super nervous and needs a hand or just wants to catch up for drinks/dinner just let me know
  6. Hope you get some answers soon. I think the worst part is the waiting! Thinking of you x
  7. Wow what a pain! I have a weird bubbling bit on the under inner bit of my left breast. It was originally a pretty big double bubble looking thing as i had to wait for the implant to drop into the new crease. Now it's better but still feels rippley.. sigh i hope it sorts itself out!
  8. Mine are SOOOOO much smaller now Very sad Wish I had asked to go bigger now!
  9. Hey Mum05 . Im doing ok, except I am SO SO paranoid this time. And its been a bit harder as I had to have a peri-aeriolar mastoplexy as well so I have scars around my nipples which was a bit much to take. I just cant wait till they're all dropped and everythings healed (aka I stop spitting stitches!) so I can finally breath out and relax! How have you been? I can believe its been 5months!!
  10. I have this to Blondie and I am 5weeks post op!! It first happened around the 2 week mark and occasionally happens even now (actually probably more often than occasionally). I have just kept going in and getting them taken out, as apparently the 'holes' wont close over till the whole bit of stitch comes out . But saying this I pulled about a 1cm piece out last night from near my nipple. Are they black or clear in colour? Apparently the holes will completely clear and wont affect scarring from what I've been told.
  11. My incision opened at 3 weeks post op and I had the choice of having both or just one removed. I elected to have both taken out in Jan. I had them replaced 5 weeks ago. So you may not have to wait as long as you think. It is a tough thing to go through mentally an i wouldn't have been able to do it without the support of the girls on the forum and my family. So we're hear if you nee us!!
  12. Hi Lara and welcome to the forum (bit late I know!). What you're doing (as everyone has mentioned ) is extremely brave and takes a lot of courage to put yourself through voluntarily. We're all hear for you if you need it
  13. Are they bruises or mini hematomas? I had one underneath my left boob after my first BA for about 3 weeks. It hadn't entirely faded when I got them taken out! They looked basically the same as a bruise but weren't painful like bruises normally are. Just a thought
  14. I cant feel mine but a lady I work with (had hers for about 8months) now has a dimple of ripple on the top of her left breast. Its not totally obvious to the naked eye but you can definitely feel it, she does have overs though and little to no breast tissue I'm not sure what she's going to do about it but she doesnt seemed too worried!
  15. I also have a Scaly He is a 2m South West Carpet Python who we call ssSSsilvesSster And Angela my best friend has an Aussie Bulldog from over East (we're in Perth). I had the pleasure of looking after him for a couple of months as a pup and he truely is adorable . They named him Bear and he totally suits it as he just boofs his way through everything!
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