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    Dr Miroshnik 11 March 2016
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  1. The only reason this website is popular, and the reason it has been able to be monetized is because it is perceived as an impartial forum of real people's experiences. Censorship will lead to lack of trust initially, and a decline in members and readership that will hurt your business model in the long run. We, the members, don't need this forum. You need us.
  2. Thanks Kinekla, yes yours was one of the threads I read. Really happy to hear that it is all behind you now, thank you so mcu for sharing your story, it really reinforces the need to find an excellent PS
  3. Thank you so much Pepper9! I've been wanting this for almost 20 years, I am supper informed and thought I was ready for all risks but now that it is almost time I am doubting myself so much. LOVE hearing comments like your xx Thanks Cupcake85 yeah totally - i am with Dr M. I did consider TCI or Thailand very briefly, but I am so glad I went with someone at the top of their field. The piece of mind that comes with that is priceless thanks overthikinit, your username describes me so well haha. I too have spent a lot of time researching and everything I have read and my experience with my PS thus far has been amazing. I definitely have stacked the deck in my favour, and hearing all your positive experiences really reassures me I have taken the right path so far
  4. Hi ladies, I've just joined this forum and while very informative, I have gravitated towards the "complication" threads and its messing with my head! I am booked for the 11th March, could you share your happy BA stories with me? Much love, Px
  5. Hi, I'm a newbie about to have my op, I have just sent you a friend request :)

  6. Whoooop! I can't wait to have this done, I have been thinking about this day for years and now that it is 2 weeks away it still doesn't seem real somehow. I'll have to upload some pre op photos, I'm still learning how to use this blog Oh Vee that is devastating
  7. Hi March ladies, my first post after years of stalking i saw Dr T last year but did not gel with him. I saw Dr M 3 weeks ago and he was so knowledgeable and engaged that I booked the first available date! I am booked for the 11th March, 330cc submuscular. I am half excited and half scared right now, it's all happened so fast! Looking forward to sharing all you journeys
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