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  1. Hi, Yes I had the same sensation at 5months it's all the neves. I used to get tingling and pins and needle type feeling most of it is gone now but I'm 9mnth PO and still get tingling and weird sensations especially in the shower apprently it can take up to 12 months or more for the nerves to travel from the spine back to the boobs and sometimes they don't all regain. I was informed recently. Its like you mouth after the dentist but on you whole boobs.
  2. @Mrssunflower Hi that's good I'm glad you could relate it's very helpful this forum. Just give it time honestly my boobs were so small when I looked down they took some time to heal and fluff love my results and I feel the size is perfect. I fear capsule contraction or ruptures. What does it feel like? I constantly feel mine for abnormal changes and get worries when sometimes feels different. @johnmichelle73 thank you! Dr Georgina Konrat at Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic in Annerley .
  3. @excited_much yeh I struggled to pick a size and not knowing the outcome. Thank you I am happy I couldn't imagine any bigger it's a prefect size for natural results and not so obvious. I am 8 months post op now.
  4. @excited_much Hi, 63kg 165cm was a very small B and am now an E. I got 365cc over the muscle tear drop implants. Sorry on the message delay. Here's an updated pic, excuse my tummy I am working on it!
  5. Your incision look like mine and are of the same height! My surgeon also put mine just up from the crease and said as they fluff they'll roll down under. I don't think there is a right or wrong each surgeon has their own way. When I run my finger along my incision it had a little bump and I got it checked out she said it was just healing and scar tissue. I still stress about my boobs and the weird changes and I'm 8 months post op but my surgeon always welcomes me to come back when I want and ask lots of questions.
  6. @EmT I totally get how you feel, I used to do the exact same thing google till all hrs of the night making sure I was well educated and reassuring myself it was the right decisions. It's hard I kept going back and forth all the time asking my partner am I doing the right thing. I felt selfish about the decision to do it and spending that kind of money and started saying things like "there's people out there with no food, money or family and here I am healthy, roof over my head, money, love and family" I battled with that in my head and I never told anyone I was going for the operation as I fea
  7. Thank you, I'm very happy. 350cc over the muscle, mod profile, tear drop
  8. @Cassandra I was in the same boat I got my BA 3 months ago and was frantically looking for information and pictures on this cause I want to see the effect to the implants. My surgeon recommended I wait 2yrs after BA to start a family. I also want to have children in the near future an couldn't decide if now was the right time or not but i figured there's no right or wrong time and you can't predict the future so I figured why not I've always wanted it. So I am just going to wing it if I was to fall pregnant tomorrow oh well at least I have boobs now. Wish list ✔️
  9. I got my surgeon to take pictures of me when I tried on the implants. First is me trying them on. Then 1-3 months post op I also did the rice test. I would say it's a good estimate. The real thing is still the best regardless on side some boobs is better then none ☺️
  10. They look great @Cuddlybear @Cuddlybear don't stress I was about the same time post op as you and I thought I had one lop side one but they were just healing and dropping at different times. My swelling is completely gone and both look great and level. But I can't even see any problems with yours at all ? (•)(•)
  11. I got 375cc moderate tear drop overs about 3 months ago . Whooh exciting for you, any idea on what you have in mind?
  12. I was told for the first few wks to not even look at your boobs as their ugly aliens!! And it's true, when I got mine done I was like argh these are ugly but I knew in the back of my mind that time and patience would pay off. Now I'm very happy and like the size, it was a perfect size for me. It won't take long, give it about a month for your body to get back to normal and settling. I've put pics up for you to give you reassurance and hopefully make you feel better ?
  13. I didn't getting an shooting pains but some ladies have mentioned this before and also very sensitive nipples but I have no feeling back in my nipples yet and my boobs in general the skin can be tingly. I know what you mean about the sizing, my boobs got to a size that I really like and I was like don't change stay his way but the swelling went down and they dropped and fluffed there nice and full but dont have upper pole like some ladies there defiantly more subtle. How boring is couch sitting?? I thought I would enjoy the relax but it's too relaxing haha. Going out defiantly take
  14. Congrats @ash92, they look great already. I know what you mean about the removing of the bra I did the same thing undone mine then said to my bf babe help me I feel sick, then I got nauseous and dizzy. It also happened to me when I had to remove the tape and replace the same thing happened I nearly collapsed it was scared so just take it easy when replacing your tapes. Boobieblues suck and weird to feel so sad when it should be a happy moment. I got emotional and bored after the first week not being able to be myself and move around like normal. Take care, best wishes for a speedy re
  15. @ash92That's good glad it went well. Yay for overs, we have the same size! Did you go round or tear drop? Take lots of pics, it's great to look back on! Also share one your ready would love to see ?
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