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  1. The Keller Funnel is like a cone shaped object that the implant is placed in & then inserted into the incision & the implant is squeezed in. Once the implant is in, they then move it into place from the outside. It minimises the Dr inserting his fingers into your skin & you should end up with a smaller scar & it goes in in one go. You Tube should have a video of implants going in with this method. It's not pretty to watch but then again none of the surgery stuff is. I think also because the implant went in so easy, I had less pain because the area hadn't been touched as much. H
  2. Amazing!!! What type did you get? Although I do love mine, I would be ecstatic if they looked like this. Ps where's the bra from?
  3. I had Dr Hasham at Breast Academy and he was fantastic. Ask if you can have him do the surgery.
  4. All up it was $8000 and that included insurance & the Keller funnel method. Teardrops are more expensive than rounds but I was offered rounds starting at $6000. I live in central qld & travelled to the Gold Coast. So I had my appointment on the Thursday & surgery on the Friday. Check up then on the Monday and I was cleared to go home.
  5. I went through cosmeditour and I am so happy with the whole process. I am the same height but a couple of kilos heavier. I got 360cc moderate profile teardrops. My scar is very small & neat, by day 3 I was off all pain medication and I've had no issues at all. My doctor was Dr Hassham & I think he was great. Excellent during my consultation.
  6. I also went to Breast Academy through Cosmeditour. Very happy with the whole process & I think they did a fantastic job
  7. Who's still wearing a bra at night? I'm scared about my boobs dropping or moving more without having the support. I'm only 360cc so not big but I love the position they're in & don't want them to sag or anything. But now that summers coming, makes it hard/ugly to wear one under my pj's.
  8. I'm not sure if he charges more when travelling and I'm not sure why he comes up once a month to perform surgeries. I ended up cancelling my appointment with him & booked my BA at the Gold Coast instead as it was cheaper & we could have a little holiday at the same time. I also couldn't find much info on him on here.
  9. Whilst I love my new boobs, I would be happy if they were bigger. I got 360cc teardrops with 375cc being the biggest I could go - no real difference. But I think I'd easily be happy with something around the 450cc mark. A couple of days after surgery I was omg they're too big but now I wish they were bigger but I realise I really couldn't go much bigger anyway. Who knows maybe down the track I might be able to go bigger. I guess because they really don't look big when I wear clothes & although I didn't want them to look too noticeable, I wish they did stand out a bit more. Maybe I need to
  10. I haven't told my mum & im scared to. She is very judgmental & doesn't believe in doing anything to your body. She won't understand my reason for doing it & knowing her, won't speak to me for a while - this has happened before. So I'm holding off for as long as possible & might just wait until she notices, which she will. Anyone else had a bad parent reaction?
  11. I'm 10dd too. Happy with that but then I realised that a lot of brands only got to a d & that finding 10dd's might be hard. I managed to find a 10dd in the sale rack that Cotton On Body for $10. It's going to cost a fortune replacing all my bras so I'm going to have to gradually build up. Certainly feels weird wearing underwire.
  12. 6 weeks Friday too. I've been walking & squats most days as well & yesterday was the first run plus some resistance band exercises & I'm happy with how I went. Have been sleeping on my side for the last week which means I'm sleeping so much better. But I'm still a little gentle on them when sleeping. Incisions are sooo good, I can't even feel my right one. I'm using Cerederm on them. Plan on a bra fitting in the next few days but they still have very little movement. I don't think they've dropped at all & they still feel a little hard. Actually I hope they don't dro
  13. I'm nearly 6 weeks post op with cosmeditour & I'm so happy with the results. Dr Hasham did an amazing job. I have teardrops and while I don't have the upper pole look of rounds, the teardrops do give great cleavage & side boob. Unbelievably natural looking as well.
  14. I spoke to the nurse about new bras & what to do because I have little movement. She told when you get fitted to get a padded bra as this will help move them. And she also said to make sure the underwire isn't on the incision which I find funny because isn't that exactly where the wire sits? I told her I was worried about moving them out of place & she said there's no risk. Even though after you take the bra off they will stay in that position for a minute or two, but then they should go back to their proper spot. Still feeling scared. I guess I'll get fitted & get only 1 bra &
  15. I think I'm going to ring the plastic surgeon & check with the nurse & get an idea of what I should be doing. I went straight back to housework about a week later & ive had no problems. This includes vacuuming & hanging washing out.
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