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    BA and nipple reduction
    Rounds, unders, HP textured Mentor 300cc
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    Dr Mark Lee -July 6th, 2016
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  1. @BlingorBA where is that bra/crop from?
  2. @Suziet that's good to know about playboy range ?
  3. @honeybunny woah !! How many cc is that ?
  4. @Laney79 I am wearing just light crop top or sports crop top . I feel like they ache a bit in morning if I don't , but I don't know , I feel like they ache a lot the last few weeks . Is anyone else getting that . They were fine before . I'm thinking it's either because I'm finally seeing some D&f or because I started exercise .
  5. @mes fous I got to drive about a hour to our H & M !
  6. God no ! No jeans in summer here . I'm in Perth . I meant jeans and tops now but come summer, I'll be in shorts . Hoping to find some nice dresses too I def want to make a trip to h & m . They are so cheap . I've only been once and I didn't buy anything as I'd just booked in operation and wanted to wait . I'm desperate to get to the shops but can't find time between work and kids commitments .
  7. Anyone done much shopping for tops for summer ? Or now ? It's sad to realise I actually don't own many lower cut tops . Maybe inly some tank tops .I didn't realise I did this when shopping . So looking for basic tops I can wear with jeans that will make my boobs look great . I'm 39 so don't want anything too crazy ! anyone founds some good buys ?
  8. So are you using micropore after 6 week mark ?
  9. Oh god I fully started workouts Monday . Thought I might die ! I went straight into it full throttle thinking I was fir before, I'll be right but all up I reckon I've had 10wks off and am so unfit now . I stared BBG program plus I'm working with my pt once a week so she can tailor workouts . I am really sore this week now / muscles not boobs. Boobs have been fine with mountain climbers planks and burpees. Had my 8 week appt today . He was happy with everything . Got a leftover stitch taken out of nipple incision as it wasn't healing up and that's why . Don't go back for 6 months or at 6 months mark - can't remember which .
  10. 7 weeks today ! still one side dropping faster than other . Nipples being lopsided because of that is driving me crazy . This crop top is comfy if you are looking to wear something with no underwire but out of surgical bra . I sleep in it too. It's from kmart $12. Race back sports bra . I took out padding .
  11. @Teresa2182 they look great ! And the scars are nice and clean too. I ordered a victoria secret sports bra ( 3 diff types actually ) but haven't got it yet. I did get one without underwire from bras n things and it felt very secure . It wasn't padded or anything and had normal straps that could be crossed . I noticed they now have same one in a proper racer back .. I found you need to buy a sports bra that has bra sizing .s, m, l just don't fit implants right . I also bought a cotton on body zip front crop top style bra just to go over my sports bra as I think I'll feel more secure if I double up when I run . Still have not tried yet - nervous ?
  12. @mes fous I was about sleeping like that . But I realised I'm more than likely worrying Over nothing . I do sleep on both sides so I think it's pretty even anyway . I am wearing a tighter crop top to now so they don't move as much .
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