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    maybenewboobies reacted to BlingorBA in Boob selfie!   
    3 weeks post op 

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    maybenewboobies reacted to Lift'em'up in Boob selfie!   
    11 weeks post anchor breast lift w/390cc anatomic . In love ??

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    maybenewboobies reacted to Starlet in August 2016 BA Roll Call!   
    Hi ladies! Thought I would post some pics at 8 weeks,am sooo happy with the new girls I've gone crazy with shopping and bra and bikini shopping 
    I'm now a 12F!  Back at the gym pretty much back to regular training except for chest 

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    maybenewboobies reacted to tilly17 in August 2016 BA Roll Call!   
    Yep these new boobies sure do motivate you to look after yourself and make sure the rest of you is looking great don't they lol ? I'm sure you'll be looking fabulous in no time 
    cant wait to do more shopping! So exciting. How many weeks post op are you now 
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    maybenewboobies got a reaction from Suzie 8f in August 2016 BA Roll Call!   
    @Suziet that's good to know about playboy range ?
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    maybenewboobies reacted to Honey bunny in Boob selfie!   
    Thanks! This bra from memory is a 8F or 8FF but I'm usually a 6GG/H 
    @maybenewboobies 615cc's
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    maybenewboobies reacted to Booklet in August 2016 BA Roll Call!   
    @Nay advice from my Surgeon is to go free at night
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    maybenewboobies got a reaction from Kaleidoscope_Eyes in Boob selfie!   
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    maybenewboobies reacted to Tammy96 in Boob selfie!   
    You look amazing !! If you dont mind, what exactly did you have done ?
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    maybenewboobies reacted to Myturn in July 2016 Boobs!   
    I've just got tanks @maybenewboobies and some button up sleevless tops. I mostly wear dresses though.  Have a look at H&M though
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    maybenewboobies reacted to EmT in September 2016   
    I've looked at lots of dresses and tops but haven't ordered any yet. I ordered some cheap bralettes and bathers from ebay though, just for fun trying on and for nights when hubby and I have the pool to ourselves  Not sure what the quality will be like but they should arrive this week

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    maybenewboobies reacted to Bond007 in September 2016   
    Anyone found some wish list tops they've bought for when they have boobs??? I'm thinking of starting to online shop for a few for spring, stretchy ones that will now look nice! I doubt many of mine will fit after.
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    maybenewboobies reacted to boobiebuf in August 2016 BA Roll Call!   
    Ohh nice I've got to go check some out soon yey it was a great time we all did this heal and hibernate in winter/spring just in time for summer ?
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    maybenewboobies reacted to MissE in August 2016 BA Roll Call!   
    Not straight up colours I don't think so, but there were some patterned ones on their website like this one but the store didn't have it. 

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    maybenewboobies reacted to mes fous in July 2016 Boobs!   
    @Teresa2182 I haven't had that, but I get a weird muscle twitch sometimes and I can flex them, that looks pretty weird! Haha. 
    I had my first proper gym session on Tuesday, felt great! Only thing I couldn't do was push ups. Then did boxing today with no problems, well except for feeling like my cardio has completely disappeared! 
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    maybenewboobies reacted to BunnyHop in August 2016 BA Roll Call!   
    Just had a visit from Tony - he was happy with how it went. Ended up with 330 HP in rightie and 365 XHP in leftie to correct asymmetry, both full height anatomicals i have a long chest. Preop he was possibly going up to 425 but he said once he put the inflator sizer in that would have been way too big. I'm pretty happy with that - i had said to him i was more worried about going too big than too small so i think these will be good on me.
    Here's my preop (so saggy and sad!) Vs just now - they do look a bit stuck on but i know it's early days! 

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    maybenewboobies reacted to Myturn in July 2016 Boobs!   
    Leftie scar at 5 weeks
    Rightie at 5 weeks

    Pretty happy. Haven't even used oil or anything yet because I'm only 5 weeks post op
    My rightie has also dropped much more than leftie and the nipples are not in alignment which is annoyingly but I see gradual progress and remind myself it's only 5 weeks.
    Boobs at 5wpo. So you can see that leftie is still higher and hasn't dropped. Internal sutures from lift still holding nipple at different level too. :/ 

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    maybenewboobies reacted to D e in July 2016 Boobs!   
    Got that same bra in purple and love it ?I am 7 weeks today and left still hasn't moved or done a thing!! Right completely dropped and looking perfect, so I totally understand what u must be feeling like at the moment, my left is also smaller compared to my right and size difference is easily seen ??
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    maybenewboobies got a reaction from Myturn in July 2016 Boobs!   
    7 weeks today !
    still one side dropping faster than other .  Nipples being lopsided because of that is driving me crazy .
    This crop top is comfy if you are looking to wear something with no underwire but out of surgical bra . I sleep in it too. It's from kmart $12. Race back sports bra . I took out padding .

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    maybenewboobies reacted to mes fous in July 2016 Boobs!   
    @Teresa2182 I've read that Berlei make an amazing sports bra. Very very good bounce reduction. I'm going to try one on Monday. 
    Im 5 weeks post op and just been cleared for any bra and all exercise. I'm soooo excited! I have no bras at all (except post op bras) so looking forward to shopping on Monday. Im very curious what size I'll be. I tired on a C cup today and it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too small. Scared to measure! 
    Ive added my scar pics too. I'd love to see how everyone else's scars are going too. I was told I can stop using the micropore tape and start the bio oil twice a day. I'm going to hunt down some natural oil. Anyone have any suggestions???

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    maybenewboobies got a reaction from mes fous in July 2016 Boobs!   
    @mes fous I was about sleeping like that . But I realised I'm more than likely worrying Over nothing . I do sleep on both sides so I think it's pretty even anyway .  I am wearing a tighter crop top to now so they don't move as much . 
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    maybenewboobies reacted to Myturn in July 2016 Boobs!   
    I am the ssame @Teresa2182, tried a DD and a bit snug but the E felt slightly too big. Just going to try different brands.  I feel like once they drop and fluff and I can squish them around in bras easier, the DD might be fine?  I hope they stay DD's instead of E's because I find it easier to find nice bras.
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