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  1. Nope definitely not πŸ˜† love having boobs 😍
  2. I am terrible at typing on my phone Have you tried the boobie butter yet xx
  3. Hay @D e your so welcome I'm happy it will get used , do find it OK? , thanks so much will let you no when it comes x
  4. @shygirl your incisions are so neat! How weird are those small boob days though , I have 1 a week or there abouts and they bother me so much it affects my whole day then next day I'm like they are perfect I guess its constantly adjusting to them changing (maybe) You look amaze πŸ’œ
  5. Honestly I haven't used it for over a week so your more than welcome , it seems such a waste. I found it amazing with the swelling 😍
  6. @D e I brought from her website so yeh i think thts US it took about 2,weeks to arrive, Im not sure if she sells them separate or not I went on the edenknowsimplants website shop to get my kit. I have 3/4 boobie butter left if you want it ? Just pm your address ☺
  7. Thank you @sparkles16 amazeballs is a great description 😊 my PS said to take tapes off last week as I was having a reaction to it . so I have been using a scar salve made by eden knows implants she has an awesome recovery kit and every 3rd day using bio oil 😊 I will post a pic of the salve its good gear x she also has a boobie butter it was so good in the early days.
  8. Hay ladies πŸ˜„ Loving everyone's awesome results , thought I would post a 5 week progress pic . I am beyond happy with my lift scars they are so tidy pretty amazing really, sooo enjoying having nice boobs ❀️
  9. Congrats x β˜ΊπŸ‰πŸ‰
  10. @MermaidUnicorn thankyou I wore a singlet I could pull up over my legs just a big w cheapy and a zip up hoody, no bra πŸ˜‰ and comfy pants. Not long now till new boobs 😍😍
  11. @Sunnycoast83 thankyou . today was the first time I've really seen the scars and I was like oh wow they look great 😊 and can only get better I've read such awesome feed back on Dr M so I'm sure you are in the best hands, I went with Dr Richardson from.bpcs and I really am just stoked. Pain and discomfort has been very manageable so thankful for pain meds first couple of days lol not as bad as I had imagined I think the restrictions on movement are more frustrating πŸ˜‰ if i could give any advice it would be take your pain meds regularly and rest up those first few po days . So excited for you can't wait to see how you go x
  12. Hay ladies thought I would share pics of my lift scars I am PO 2 weeks tomorrow I'm stoked with how they are looking .
  13. Hay girls @ms.bolton I also have 1 boob that's so much more achey and sensitive than the other more so this week Also abiy sore on that side around the top of my ribs so I'm thinking it has to be the nerves all waking up πŸ˜‰ Last night I noticed 1 of my nipples and areola look a bit red and puffy on that same side I think it might be from nipple getting irritated so have put nursing pads in today to see if it helps ( will send a PIC in to the nurse just to put my mind at ease) have to wait for the hub to help change my tapes I had a lollipop lift as well and haven't seen the incisions yet as the nurse did them last week. I'm such a big sook with that suff 😩 Overall I'm so happy can't believe I have boobs and they look so good in just every day clothes cant wait for summer πŸ‘™
  14. @Madsamuffin @Emjai101 thank you x yep am deffs a Muma of 7 , oldest is 16 youngest is 20months I am sucking in my mum tum in this pic πŸ˜‰ So so happy with how my boobs look at this early stage 😍 @Emjai101 how are you going ? X
  15. had my 1 week PO appnt yesterday doc said all looks good . dressings off and tape on. Got to have an actuall full body shower and feel so much better πŸ˜ƒ More than happy so far
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