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  1. I was only thinking of you this morning. I know that exact feeling. What time are you in?
  2. @jstev7 390 HP from a small A cup. I'm 56kg and 174cm. Stoked with the results
  3. Feel free to pm me and I'll share pics
  4. It's funny my boobs haven't actually really been sore up until about 2 days ago. They are really tender and achey. Really hating sleeping on my back too.
  5. How is your recovery going @Katiesuzannah12? Are you in much pain anymore?
  6. @de this bra plus a stripey black and White one.. Two for $15. Super comfy
  7. How good is it to get the post op bra off? Also went to kmart and stocked up on some comfy crops. Our results are so similar
  8. 4dpo.... Huge changes already
  9. They look great. What are your stats... Really hoping for this result 😊
  10. Yesterday was probably the worst for me. Today is just more of a tight feeling rather than pain. Just taking panadol every 6 hours now so it's very manageable. I'm just so so tired tho. Yessss and all around the bottom of my post op bra 😩 POD 2. Can't wait til they settle. Hoping they move a little closer together. They look small from the front but big from the sides 🙊 And pre op
  11. Amazing... They have changed so much! How many weeks PO?
  12. @RenaeT do you have any recent pics you could share so we can see your progess?
  13. Hi Pamela2 could you share some or your recent pics? I am 1 Dpo and look similar to these pics you have shared so would love to see what mine will potentially look like 😊
  14. Haha I ended up sticking around for it 😜 My throat is sore too... From the breathing tube. I am actually going to send an email to the Gaythorne hospital and thanks them, I was so impressed with all of the staff, every single person I dealt with was beyond amazing. What pain meds did you get?? I only got panadene forte and antibiotics.
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