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    TT and BA possible BL
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    Dr Pornthep 21st May 2016

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  1. MrsA

    Mummy makeover

    I'm flying with Virgin, I am scared of flying too and I work for them (on the ground though!). My mum is coming with me and she is a Gold member so we will be able to use the Lounge in Singapore which will be nice.
  2. All the reviews I have read have been positive. There was one that I came across that wasn't good at all, I wish I could find it again!! Cosmeditour sent me lots of before and afters of TT and BA's and they are all amazing. I'm confident in my decision to have Dr P. Make sure you read all the fine print and ask questions if you're not sure of anything. From the research I've done the result depends a lot on how you look after yourself post op and there's many things you can do to prepare yourself pre op. Cosmeditour are only a 3rd party and if anything goes wrong it is the hospital boards decision as to what happens with any sort of fix up.
  3. I'm going next month for TT and BA with Dr Pornthep. He seems very good from all the research I have done. Cosmeditour had lots of before and afters for Dr P - just ask them to email to you.
  4. MrsA

    Mummy makeover

    Hi MissEB, I'm booked in for the end of May also with Cosmeditour and going with Dr Pornthep. So excited, I've been wanting to do this for 10 years!
  5. Hey bigmumma! I am also booked in with Cosmeditour, Dr Pornthep for TT, I'm getting BA also. I leave the 19th May. I found a website called www.statina.com.au they have lots of options there. Are you on the closed facebook page for Cosmeditour?
  6. Hi guys, I am looking to go over in June for TT and BA. I think I am going to go with Dr Narupon so I will be stalking this post for updates! How did you go karajd88?
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