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    Breast Augmentation 420cc high profile
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    Dr PHIL Richardson 14/03/2016
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    159cm 56kg was an A cup hoping to be at least a D

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  1. Has anyone been disapointed with the size and wish they had gone bigger and went with revision? were the costs the same?
  2. Ana

    March 2016 Boobies

    So I'm home now I can't recommend dr phil Richardson enough he was very easy going chilled and nice and checked to see if I was alright after and all the nurses at fortitude valley and Danielle the anesthsiest was lovely too but I can't remeber much after I saw her haha. overall a great experience there. im home now feeling very drowsy still.. My chest feels so tight and heavy but not much pain but I feel like I can't move my arms properly or pain sorta kicks in but so far so good. I did have a little peak even though they look abit wierd atm I'm happy so far
  3. Ana

    March 2016 Boobies

    On my way to the hospital feeling so nervous but excited!! ??
  4. Me too! i gotta be there for 9am and surgery is for 10am what about you? ? Yeah I haven't been taking anything but I should probably start moistorising then ? hopefully it makes a little difference between now and then.
  5. Okay thanks any particular moisturise ?
  6. I personally wouldn't until 2-3 weeks post surgery as recommended. As much as my partner would complain. Just go for gold prior to surgery ?
  7. I'm such an over thinker I have 6 days to go so and thinking about everything!! I would love some tips prior to surgery. ive heard moistorising your boobs prior to surgery? I was never told this by my surgeon or nurse is this something I should do to help with stretching etc? Or any other things you know of thanks ladies!
  8. I would love some recommendations on post op bras, and when is the best time to buy some more? might seem like a silly question but I don't wanna buy it now then they don't fit? But I don't wanna just have the one bra so some info would be great I get mine done Monday ??
  9. Ana

    March 2016 Boobies

    Same!! I would like to know also ?
  10. Ana


    So stupid I know but I can't remeber what size profile he said or what my bwd is ? luckily I'm going back Monday. So I'm just curious I have a wide gap between my breasts as it is so would a moderate profile work best since its a wider implant? Just wanting to hear from people experience etc or if you have some pics too ?
  11. Ana

    March 2016 Boobies

    I'm not sure either I got back Monday for my second consult so I'll find it all out then I might see you there lol
  12. Ana

    March 2016 Boobies

    Wishing you luck how exciting!! ☺️☺️
  13. I'm getting 420cc I said to him I would love to be a D/Dd So glad you're happy with you results I'll fr if you don't mind love hearing good feedback 420cc so far but going back Monday to be sure what size were you thinking?
  14. Ana

    March 2016 Boobies

    Oh wow! How exciting and good luck too Hun .. We don't have long to go at all.. are you going to fortitude valley? What time is yours
  15. I've booked in the 14th March now I'm freaking out but excited ?
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