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  1. I'm now 5 weeks post op and the recovery couldn't have been better. I was on my trainer by end of week 2 and on the road by end of week 4. I rode 45km and beat some of my PB times without over trying. I was very surprised as I thought I used chest to cycle to be on the drop position. I have also been able to do burpees gently from week 3-4 and 5 weeks can do push ups from my knees. My PS said at 6 weeks I can do what I like (even if it hurts - although it doesn't) and prior to this to work at a lower level from week 4. I think staying moderately active has really helped recover psychologically and physically. I hope the other ladies who have the same fitness desires also find the same.
  2. You need to try on sizers for sure. I chose 375cc after trying on in the Drs office then used the rice sizers for a day and hated it. Felt like I spent the day hiding them. I went back to see him 3 days before surgery to downsize and I ended up going with 325cc round under the muscle. I'm 175cm and 60kg. I'm really happy. I left it to him to choose between 300 and 375 on the day. I started with 125cc. I was a 12A and will now be a 12D hope this helps
  3. My experience. I'm 175cm 60kg and low body fat with muscle. Just had 325cc round under the muscle and they will look nice. Not huge but a D I think. I had 125cc to start. I was a 12A but bought the padded padded 12Bs. Glad I haven't gone bigger. You can always add with a padded bra for the occasions you want boobs but you can't take them away when you don't. I tried on 375cc and 440cc in the office pre surgery and left him to make the decision between 300cc and 325cc. Hope this helps
  4. I am so sorry to hear of your trouble. It just doesn't seem fair. I am going for my first (and hopefully final) BA 8th April. I expect the recovery will be similar to the other times but you have the advantage of being prepared. I really hope it all works out for you.
  5. I was thinking that myself. It seems such a long time and I have to remind myself that there are other things in life. I hope I'll be able to do other exercises sooner. Thank you.
  6. Hi Ladies, I'm wondering if anyone rides a road bike (cycling) and how long until you felt confident physically and psychologically able to ride again? I do tough hill rides around northern Sydney and with the uphill comes the downhill (which I don't like anyway). I usually ride 2-3h on the weekend and and hour in the week. I'd love to get back into it asap. I'm having smallish under the muscle implants. Thanks for your advice
  7. I'm highly anxious too, booked for April 13. I'm worried about complications and choosing the right size for my active lifestyle. I'm scared I'll look no better just different too and then have to live with possibility of complications. I think choosing a reputable surgeon and asking about how they deal with complications is the best way. I dont have much advice yet as I'm on the same part of the road as you so the best I can offer is you're not alone. Im 175cm 61kg and considering 360cc sub muscular. I'm active, run sometimes, cycle, and other fitness activities. This was a conservative maximum given for my body size. I felt this took me from an A to a big DD. I might choose smaller but from what I understand the look is less than what you measure. It DD/E looks like a D. Keep in touch and maybe we can support each other.
  8. Thank you ladies. I feel better knowing I can cycle soonish and your advice being fit ladies helps. Most of what Ive read are women going 500cc Plus and being dissatisfied they are too small. I'd be happy to be a D or small DD but any bigger I'll feel like I'm all boobs 😊. Just my perception of myself. I am seeing a new surgeon soon for an op on 13th April at the SAN. I'll see what he says. The previous surgeon who can't operate in school holidays (I'm a teacher) recommended 370 max to remain conservative. I'm 175cm and 61kg. thanks for your input.
  9. Thank you to all the ladies that put up their pictures. It really helps when seeing real life results, not just the ones the Drs choose. X
  10. Hi ladies, I've been considering a BA and have booked for 13 April. I'm really scared about the recovery process and would love to hear real women's recovery process and potential complications in the future. (Health, inconvenience and cost). I am active and love my exercise, keen cyclist and am worried how long I'll be away from my fitness regime (which is moderate). I'm also concerned about being happy with the result. The plan is a conservative 360cc sub muscular. I'm a A cup at the moment but this looks like I'll be at least a D with the try on implants. How did you all choose your size and be confident of the right thing? I want to look natural but it also has to be worth doing plus functional for an active life. I don't want to swap padded bras for granny support bras 😊. thank you for sharing. I just need some reassurance x
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