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  1. I've experienced something similiar -not as obvious -but redness in the hotter weather.. also considering visiting dr if if doesn't go away
  2. You look amazing! Congrats. Great result:)
  3. Aw thanks Jugs! I think I saw pic of yours in another thread and they were damn near perfect! Mine are small, but yes I'm small, so it's an improvement!:) Thanks:) x
  4. I only got 225cc! I'll pm you
  5. Hi there:) Yes, I was a 10aa. Will pm you pics:)
  6. Agree with others:) Trust your surgeon. You don't want risks & complications. I'm not sure but I think if you go to bigger than the skin allows you can get rippling/tennis ball look. Good luck:)
  7. I'm fatter than ever.. about five months post-op now. It's my own fault. I really need to exercise more It's hard going into winter!:(
  8. Just like to add -Having them as an adult actually gave me confidence! I felt like whatever I'm fixing my teeth - deal with it people!:) Good luck with the max fax surgeon tomorrow
  9. I had braces twice Once as a teenage, then as adult. Don -if your teeth are straight is it essential? I only did because my teeth were crooked, and mine are starting to get crooked again -fml being a compulsive night grinder:( Having said that, if you need them, it's money well spent and if it's going to fix an overbite, totally worth it. You can't hide your teeth. Good luck. F hate teeth issues
  10. Oh this is reassuring I hope. 4 months post & no sensation!!!:(
  11. 350cc I wish!:) xx Similiar stats -ok smaller and shorter.
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