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  1. I've experienced something similiar -not as obvious -but redness in the hotter weather.. also considering visiting dr if if doesn't go away
  2. You look amazing! Congrats. Great result:)
  3. Aw thanks Jugs! I think I saw pic of yours in another thread and they were damn near perfect! Mine are small, but yes I'm small, so it's an improvement!:) Thanks:) x
  4. I only got 225cc! I'll pm you
  5. Hi there:) Yes, I was a 10aa. Will pm you pics:)
  6. Agree with others:) Trust your surgeon. You don't want risks & complications. I'm not sure but I think if you go to bigger than the skin allows you can get rippling/tennis ball look. Good luck:)
  7. I'm fatter than ever.. about five months post-op now. It's my own fault. I really need to exercise more It's hard going into winter!:(
  8. Just like to add -Having them as an adult actually gave me confidence! I felt like whatever I'm fixing my teeth - deal with it people!:) Good luck with the max fax surgeon tomorrow
  9. I had braces twice Once as a teenage, then as adult. Don -if your teeth are straight is it essential? I only did because my teeth were crooked, and mine are starting to get crooked again -fml being a compulsive night grinder:( Having said that, if you need them, it's money well spent and if it's going to fix an overbite, totally worth it. You can't hide your teeth. Good luck. F hate teeth issues
  10. Oh this is reassuring I hope. 4 months post & no sensation!!!:(
  11. 350cc I wish!:) xx Similiar stats -ok smaller and shorter.
  12. Yes, I wish I was warned of this pre-surgery! I think there are things that can be done pre-surgery to stretch the skin -ie they do them for post cancer patients. Unfortunately it wasn't until surgery that it became apparent my skin wouldn't stretch
  13. I'm quite horrified by this post :(. It doesn't sound ethical... Asking you just before surgery - that's a vulnerable position. I'm sure you will find recourse. Wishing you all the best Fungers crossed it's solved smoothly.
  14. Hi, what advice did you get? I was hoping with small implants I could avoid rippling, but maybe not:( Is it visible or just what you feel? good luck:) xx
  15. Hi, I think you're right -they do look uneven to me.. although maybe it depends if you're lifting your arms at the same level/is one yet to drop? Good luck:)
  16. Hamish farrow = 13k. I thought about an alternative one who came recommended and was 8k -also a plastic surgeon. It was a hard decision. I went for reputation & more experience in the end.
  17. Haha that's great Deepbluesea70:) Love it! I had major complications with the GA :(, so I was definitely an emotional roller coaster afterwards!
  18. Hey, I'm also curious as to how much difference there needs to be to qualify for the medicare rebate. Mine were 50cc different and my PS (hamish farrow) didn't, but a friend got it with 70cc, so I"m not sure:)
  19. Hi Rallen, I completely hear you! I had a very similiar experience.. We agreed on 325cc -340cc. I had asymmetry. I ended up with 225cc and 275cc. Strangely I could only fit 225cc in one as the skin was too tight. So I"m also 100cc less than expected I was pretty disappointed, because I was fearing too big, and wasn't warned of this. -feeling flat after 13k! Even though now I see from the forum, it's quite common for people to know they're limited. I didn't realize. PS didn't explain. On a positive I'm measuring from 10c to 10dd (hmm... there's no way it's that, but that's what the triumph bra and the DJ fitter says). To be perfectly honest, I still look pretty flat and was pretty disappointed. However, I have come to accept it for now. MIne do look good and are a big improvement. Symmetrical & perky. Initially I was like I must get them re-done, but I had some complications from going under which has put me off for now. Sorry for the rant, but you are not alone!:) x ps -holly i feel like even if i had 300cc I'd feel better (it seems 10d is just too big in bras and 10c too small) even though I know 275 isn't much different, but geez 225 is!:)
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