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    BA Wednesday, 5th September 2012
    Dr Phillip Scarlett - Cosmetic Institute Of Australia - Brisbane
    Medium Profile, Round Brazilians, Via Crease Incision,
    Left - 390cc Right - 335cc
  • Name of Surgeon and Date of Surgery
    Dr Scarlett 5th September 2012
  • Measurements
    Height - 165cm, Weight - 56kgs, Pre-Op Size 10D

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  1. Good Luck Cherry blossom12 & becba x x
  2. Sounds Great! I will remember to the get the powder one for sure. Thankyou Hun
  3. I'm with lloveraggies! I had my BA with Dr Scarlett too and only last Wednesday. I believe The Rapid Recovery Technique makes a Big difference. I had Minimal pain... im talking like a 3/10 and then by day 4 i had no pain at all, and great movement too. I will also add that i only took 4 of my Endone tablets. I have taken no meds in the last two days not even panadol
  4. Thanks Lozz, The recovery has been so good! Days 1-3 felt really ordinary because of the nausea and after that each day is easier and easier. Its truly amazing how quickly the body heals! Best of Luck with everything too x x
  5. Hahahaha THANKYOU your are too nice!! All these lovely compliments have made me very happy!!! And re assured me that the final outcome is looking good so far !!!!
  6. Thanks!!! I hope it goes well too! I have heard about Jane Iredale, Ill have to take a closer look at it and get some.. Ill let you know how i go
  7. Jamily personally i would say go with what your PS suggests. I am friends with a girl who has similar stats to yours and recently had 400cc and i personally think she could of gone bigger given her height, weight, chest width etc but opted for a smaller option because she was afraid of the cc size and what others were opting for at the time.... Overall they do look fantastic on her but very natural, they compliment her physique well. I agree with the others... Don't be scared off by a cc, go with the look your trying to achieve, your PS will then fit you with what is needed to create it. Trust him, he's the expert and he knows what will work for you. After having them done you will more than likely INITIALLY feel that they are too big but trust me you get used to them so quickly! Good Luck Hun x x
  8. This is a good question Bettywilma, I myself havent heard of anyone
  9. Day 4 pic is up, I can not believe how much they change from day to day. Virtually all the pain is now gone which is great. I do believe my whole problem has been the blocked pipe work as I had know pain at all in my boobs. The incisions now are starting to itch which is a great sign and my first appointment is Wednesday so I will be sure to keep you posted. Kindest Regards Adriana xo
  10. Best of Luck ChaCha. Will be thinking of you. Have a Great Holiday too! See you on the other-side hehe! xxx
  11. Wishing the best of luck to all the lovely ladies this week.. How very exciting!!!! I'll be thinking of you all x x x
  12. Lol personnel as lol Herron Senne Soft is the name but I am going to have All Bran Honey Almond for the next week and I think that will do the job. It may be a little easier on everything to. Love Aj xo
  13. Day 3 pics are up girls, Like I said I will continue to take pics and post them for you for the first month. Nursiepoo you need to send a friend request and have them accept it to see the photos so send one through. Yes girls the neck roll is a must for sure in helping you sleep. People have suggested the boomerang pillow but I found it to be to cumbersome and hard to get comfortable. Girls as obvious as it may sound you definitely need a good laxative, I believe after doing some research that this is the cause of 90% of my cramps pain and bloating in the tummy region. I never gave it much thought up until my partner started researching it. I think with in the next couple of days the pain will start to ease dramatically but like always I will be sure to keep you updated. Thanks so much for everyone following my story, I am trying to be as helpful as I can be to make it easier for others about to do the same thing. If there is anything you want to know just ask really its not a problem. Just a thought to add a wheat pack to your list also available from the pharmacy, it will help a lot with lower back pain as this seems to be a problem when having to sleep at the 45 degrees they recommend. ps. The pain is slowly going, I never really had any in my boobs, just the centre of my chest between them and my tummy (constipation) is that cause I reckon. Although you have to take the drugs to stop the pain, there the very same drugs that will give you pain if you can't get them out lol lol Love as always Aj
  14. Hello and thanks for the reply. To be honest I wasn't trying to achieve any specific cup size as long as they appeared proportionate to the rest of me. My main concern was to get everything even and full. I guess a nice full 10dd would be nice. A neck roll has helped a lot to especially with sleep so add to your list a neck roll and gel packs. Regards Aj xoxo
  15. Good afternoon girls, I have added another 2 photos to my profile for you. The pain is still there, its becoming easier to bare and I think in no time Ill wake up and it will all be gone. You definitely need good quality gel packs for the swelling. Bags of peas just don't cut it any more lol. \My partner got some good ones from Discount Drug Store that are able to be frozen as well as heated so that will be great once the swelling goes down as the heat will add to the healing process. Kindest regards Aj xo
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