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  1. Thanks gorgeous, they're looking better now that they're even! Haha thats the thing though - im happy with them, it just would of been nice to have had a complete experience
  2. I want to tell everyone my experience with Dr Rastogi. This isnt to bad mouth anyone - but people have urged me to tell my story so it doesnt happen to anyone else. I want to start by stating that with the overall finishrd product, im very happy. My problem is with the treatment and the aftercare after that I received once the surgery had received my $15'000. When I initially called Dr Rastogi's office, the girl was so lovely and helpful - she booked my consult on the following Tuesday and they had a surgery cancelation on the Friday so I put a deposit on the spot. They sent the hospital papers express post and we started the process. I went to Dr Rastogi's office on the Tuesday and the whole experience was amazing. Everyone was lovely and informative. Dr Rastogi listened to all my lifestyle factors, all my concerns and took the time to personalise the implant shape, the angle and address all my partners concerns. I left without a doubt in my mind that Dr Rastogi was the right surgeon and I was making the right decision. The morning of my surgery I was awake at 3am because I was too excited to sleep. We got to the hospital early and soon I was in a gown and waiting. The hospital didnt have an admission paper they were meant to have, but they assured me Dr Rastogi always carries the original and is meticulous with paperwork. Before I knew it I was in with Rastogi chatting away awhile he marked my breasts. He calmed my nerves and then took me to the next room where the lovely team put me to sleep. I woke up and was ready to pee - and was sitting in the discharge chair ready to go. unfortuantely I suddenly got intense pains and had to be readmitted and given meds. Dr Rastogi came down and addressed my concerns again and I was ready to go. I received a few texts and a Sunday call from Rastogi which I thought was really nice. on the monday I chose to return to work. I was still a little out of it but I felt ok. I called Dr Rastogi's office to get a follow up appointment. I spoke to the rudest woman. She spoke to me like I was an idiot - i am an executive assistant for a top cosmetic dentist and understand the ins and outs of "reception" work. She rudely told me I was given a follow up appointment already next Monday - when I said mondays were impossible - she told me Tuesdays are only for new consults. When I rebuttled it, she said Dr Rastogi would step out while his consultation undressed to see me and would then need to go back in - I was allowed THREE minutes of his time. I hung up the phone and balled my eyes out. I felt so worthless that now my surgery was done - i was of no importance. I asked my partner to call the surgery for me. Elle called me back and soothed my concerns and said I would have Rastogi for a full hour or as long as I needed on Tuesday at 9am and was so sorry for whoever I spoke to before. over the week I was developing severe pain on my right hand side and none on my left. I started getting small fevers and thought my breasts were starting to look different. On the monday before my follow up I received a text asking me to confirm my appointment with Helen- when I called and asked them who Helen was and why I wasnt with Dr Rastogi like promised, they told me that because I wasnt a consult I had to be put im the nurses collum but I would definitely be seeing Dr Rastogi. I text him and got no response. I remember sitting at dinner that night and couldnt stop crying. I felt so belittled and depressed - my partner and family couldnt console me. I went and saw my girl friend who is a nurse and she confirmed that all my symptoms were consistant with an infection. On Tuesday I arrived just before 9am, another woman was in the waiting room aswell. At 9:20am I was brought into a consult room by a nurse. She told me the extreme pain on my right side was just fluid - when I asked if I needed more antibiotics for the fluid on my ribs she said to wait for the doctor. At 9:30am she left the room. At 9:45am Rastogi popped his head in and apologised that he wouldnt be long - he didnt know I was there. By 10am I had had enough, i got changed and left the surgery - everyone saw me leave and no one called to check if I was ok. I called the office and spoke to a nurse - i was so angry and hurt - she returned my concerns with more rudeness and told me the Doctor would call me at 12pm. By 2pm I had run out of patience and got my partner to call again. He was promised a return call by end of day. 6pm came and nothing. I gave him the after surgery mobile amd he called and spoke to Rastogi who eventually returned my call - dismissed my concerns, said that he doubted it was fluid and to send him photos and my temperature and to book in for a follow up when I could. And ended noting to be polite to his staff. I got off the phone, sent all photos - nothing. easter long weekend i went to Noosa and woke on easter Sunday in intense pain. My left breast was so hot, it was almost double the size, my nipple was pointing noticibly to the left, the incision had come off my chest to half way up the breast and was bright red - my right was healed and purple by this stage. I have never been so worried in my life - at 7am i inundated the doctor with texts and photos begging him to help me. 3 hours later a very shakey voiced Rastogi called me and tried to tell me that I shouldnt be so worried and if I could find the nearest chemist he would fax a script for oral antibiotics - i suggested adding an antisceptic ointment for the inflamed incision. He sent the script to Noosa and I began taking the antibiotics immediately - by the next day there was signs of improvement. Tuesday I went in to see Dr Rastogi and he said he wasn't 100% sure if it was infection but gave me a double repeat of antibiotics to be safe. Update: I have since had a follow appointment with Dr Rastogi. We are unable to conclude why an infection may of occured, and if it did it was a minor one because it responded rapidly to antibiotics. My breasts have healed well and have entered their second stage of softening. I have no more pain but have not gained feeling back in the bottom of my left breast.
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