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  1. So I have had 2 consults with 2 Plastic Surgeons here in Auckland im a small b cup, with some sag. Both said grade 2. I want a 'natural' mid range c cup. First Dr: BA over the muscle teardrop 300cc in one and 320cc in the other to correct slight asymmetry $12k Second Dr: said i I will require a lift, without one I will end up with 'snoopy boobs' Under muscle - dual plane Round (Motive brand so they are very squishy and take on a teardrop shape when you move) 295cc (no different sizes as he said the difference was minimal) $17k I will say the second doctor took ten times the measurements that the first doctor did. im just quite devastated and feel really lost. How can two doctors have such differing options?? Not to mention the extra 5k! I've seen tonnes of ladies with more sag than me that haven't needed a lift. Ladies who who have had the BL & BA what was your experience with healing and outcome? He said he would do the lift cutting around the nipple im just so sad. This started out at as such an exciting journey and now I feel like poop 😢
  2. Thanks, I see him again on Thurs. my main stress is picking the size and the fact he wants to do overs. I don't see may overs been done these days, I think it's a NZ thing as most PS's here I've researched seem to do it that way. My PS specialises in reconstruction so you'd hope he'd know what he's doing right!? Im even thinking over going to Sydney and having a consult with Dr Miroshnik, he looks like he does amazing work if you want the 'natural ' look. Just not sure about the extra time and expense, although it would be worth it for peace of mind. Ugh.... This is so hard :-/
  3. Hi there, i had my consult last week. I'm in NZ, in my 40's and have a set of sad B cups (sometimes 32a and in Victoria Secret bras I'm a 32c) I've always been small and went to DD when Breast feeding and then back again.... You know the story, but I've finally made the decision to get the op. I'm 5ft 8inch and 64kgs, i want 'natural' and would like to be a C cup, no bigger. So my PS took me into the room and examined me and left my husband in the other room, which I thought was odd. I took him along to get his opinion, maybe he has males who come along and have too much imput??? anyhoo.... He started off with 250cc which I liked then went up three sizes and he settled on a 300cc/320cc combo as I have one breast slightly smaller. He recommended anatomical implants over the muscle. This surprised me as I'm quite thin up top and don't have a huge amount of breast tissue (more saggy skin) but he said I passed the 2cm (or was that inch?) pinch test. He gave me the implants to take home. They feel huge, I know it's because they are new to me but it felt like I was wearing DD's and I don't want to go that big. Trouble is I've looked at girls who've had 300cc and some look small and some look huge. This is sooooo hard!! I'm going away for a month so need to book and decide my size by next week, surgery would be first week of May. I'm seeing him again this Thursday. Any help/advice would be most appreciated! I'll try and attach some photos of what I would like my result to be. Thanks in advance xx
  4. Hi there, I've got my first consult with Stephen Mills next week. I've been researching like a crazy woman and there is next to no info/reviews on any NZ plastic surgeons. Hopefully I will feel better after my consult. anyone had breast augmentation in NZ? Thanks x
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