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    Original Breast Augmentation to enhance the little handful I was given in December 2012.

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  1. What?! That’s crazy. Not sure what’s going on nowadays ?
  2. @teardrop I am so happy with my revision. I went larger, from 390cc to 545cc, and from round to teardrop. The sit so much better on me - they are closer together and my upper pole is how I wanted it to be. I don’t really feel the difference so much with the internal bra but I do feel it lifted them a bit. For me the recovery was so much easier with the revision and I am so glad I did it. $28k is a lot to spend on a revision in my opinion. Ill send you a FR so you can check out my before and afters. Good luck with your decisions.
  3. I had a revision with Dr just over 18 months ago, pretty much implant size and shape change with extra things done including internal bra and an overnight hospital stay, and all up before my health fund rebate it was close to $16k. Hope this helps.
  4. @Wanting boobs when washing hands I had a little bit of flexion but when doing dips / push ups it was full flex distortion. Here's a pic of 1 - the dents, 2 & 3 - the flex distortion and 4 - my current set of implants with no dents / flex movement. While it is something to be aware of, it's not a given it will happen to everyone. If you don't have a lot ofmovement you should be ok, most girls will feel the implant when doing chest exercises but not have issues. Mine would move out to the side about 1-2 inches when doing dips.
  5. @boobiebuf I got dual plane placement again with this set. I had the first ones just under 4 years and this set for 16 months and these are perfect. I did have some extra work done with these (internal bra and flex hd) which I think helped with the movement too.
  6. I had to have a revision as my first set of implants got a dent in the cleavage and pushed out to the side from exercising. I never did weights for my chest only dips and knee push ups but I was unlucky. I even had movement when just washing my hands. I had dual plane rounds in the first time. I am so concerned now that I don't do anything that moves my chest muscles at all. It won't happen to everyone but it can happen.
  7. With my first BA I had a massage (I think) around the 3 month mark. I told my masseuse I'd had them done and she gave me a towel to roll up and put above my boobs, under the front of the shoulders when on my stomach to take the pressure off them. If you either tell them, or ask for a towel to do this it really makes it that much more comfy. I ask for a towel each time now when I get one.
  8. I use a soft crop (think Lorna Jane pammy/ regular sports crop in thick material) with the Lululemon Tata tamer on top. I've recently discovered these now come in 32E now whereas they used to only be 32DD but they appear to be as rare as hens teeth - I found one in Hawaii and one in Bondi junction store and they looked in the system and it was the last one country wide (this was 2 months ago though). I sometimes put my hands on top of mine when exercising to see the bounce factor - I'm sure people think I just like playing with myself ??
  9. They've changed their returns policy recently - I think it's now 30 days so make sure you check if you think you're going to return anything.
  10. I 100% agree with @TheFox with these comments. I had rounds for 4 years and since I had no tissue and a lean chest I felt that the were literally flat chest to mount implants. I got teardrop last year and have so much more upper pole with them than the rounds. They start up higher with a slight but noticeable incline to the fuller breast. I love the shape of my teardrops.
  11. Although this doesn't affect me - I actually came across this article this morning that you may find interesting http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/beauty/cosmetic-surgery/sydney-mothers-dire-warning-after-breast-implants-almost-ruined-her-life/news-story/4599e87b21ff8fb65d875083be924b78
  12. Here's another one to add to the list. I read a review on it months ago and have been looking for it ever since and this week I stumbled across it at my local Priceline. It's only $4.99 and in a few days it's done magic for my lips that were so dry they were cracked and bleeding. It's more of a menthol / tingly type but I think it's great for its purpose. I've also been trying the By Terry over the past few weeks but don't really notice any difference to my burts bees in terms of moisture level.
  13. @Mrs Freckles I can understand the clothing claustrophobia but my personal thoughts are that you pay so much for new girls that I don't want to risk any damage to them. My mind also goes back to the old sports bra ad (perhaps berlei) about a b cup bouncing up to 10cm in a non supportive bra when running. Perhaps I'm super protective having had a revision due to exercise damage (dent in cleavage from chest work) and I don't want my girls moving a millimetre ? Good luck with your decisions! x
  14. A great bra works but I always double bra for any running and intense jumping exercises and you should be good. I've got 545cc (also had 390cc) and run/sprint, box jumps, burpees without any issues.
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