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  1. Sorry if I alarmed you! I just think its fair to anyone looking at travelling for surgery that they have all the facts before they book! I agree that I've heard very little negative stuff about Dr P but heaps of negative stuff about Rachel & Bangkok Makeovers. I decided to get mine done in Canberra with Dr Taylor. He has done a great job! I had some medical issues (high blood platelets & no spleen) going into my surgery. Dr Taylor has been very diligent with looking after me & explaining everything to me. I couldn't get the same service from Rachel or Dr P. When I told her there was an issue with my blood platelets the best response I could get from her was "I spoke to Dr P & it's fine" I decided to cancel because my GP felt that I was at risk of DVT & blood clots without proper management & also at an increased risk of cc due to having no spleen.