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  1. Hey natashavenus I am very happy with my results :) I've come out looking much better than I anticipated so pretty happy with that! My recovery has been pretty smooth! I did have an allergic reaction to the Antibiotics on the 3rd day post op, but recovered from it pretty quickly. Since then I recovered pretty quickly & have had no issues with my actual breasts so that's been good. Thats a pity about the surgeon in Brisbane. I've learnt aswell that having surgery in Aus is no guarantee of satisfactory results. I had my TT done here aswell (though with a different PS) & I am far from satisfied with my results. My tummy looks awfull. The lipo is uneven, there are dents under the skin & more fat has been removed from one side of my tummy than the other! The skin is also puckered at both ends of the TT incisions! I paid 9000 out of pocket for it & feel so ripped off! I'm still tossing up whether I will approach my new PS (the PS who did my BA) to fix it..