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  1. HIya, Just read a post from mum of three and she is doing well over there!! I am still undecided about my stay. I researched into places to see and do n stay but my mum recommends I stay booked for the whole 15 days with rach and then If i dont feel up to it i dont have to go anywhere!! and then I fi feel good im sure she can help arrange a lil get away for me and just pay her in full anyways. So I thought oh yeah of course great idea!!! Im working sat having a garage sale on sunday working mon and flying out straight after work!! Cant believe its so soon!!! Like i can almost touch it!!! I saw a mate at the shops today!! she had her BA yesterday!! and she was looking good up n about!! so hopefully u will recover fast too.!!1 Im hving a lift so have a longer recovery time :( Well ill see u shortly.... Maybe thurs??? XX

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