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  1. Hiya.... I fly out tomorrow night after work eeekkk.... I lad around 9 Tuesday morning and then going straight to hospital, Im booked in for 12.30!! How exciting!! I Figured that if i was to knock some days off my stay i should have given her some notice coz then she could have got another girl in. Im just gonna pay her the 15days I have booked and if i dont use them all then oh well!!! Well have a safe flight!! atleast you have soem one for company!!! And ill see you next week. Also I asked Jen if she knew which apatment id be in and she said she hadnt worked it out yet. but apparently there is another lady having it doen on the same day as me too.... so..... who knows!! I hope the apartments are in the same complex she we can meet eevry one!! See ya soon Nat x