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  1. I had 150ml from each side when I had my lift and cannot notice a difference. If you're around a size 10-12 I think 600ml or cc would take you to a c cup
  2. I didn't have a shower until day 5, just sponge baths And yes you will def be too sore to wash your hair over the sink
  3. My surgeon had me use micropore for 12 weeks full time changing every 5-7 days. My scars are completely flat and not raised at all
  4. That's what I think. Just clicked on the profile and all he/she is doing is pluggin how amazing this doctor is
  5. This sounds suss as. So you've had a consult or the surgery?
  6. I had br and tt done at the same time. My surgery was only 4.5 hours though. Does yours have more involved then a standard one? In regards to the br it doesn't really hurt at all. It's more uncomfortable then anything so its probably good that one is first. I was fine having them both done at the same time, no issues.
  7. Wow just read through all the posts. Ignore what I wrote above lol
  8. Copy and paste the email and we can see if we agree??
  9. What you have said above is exactly right. Everyone heals different rates, there are sometimes complications, you still won't be 100% If it were me I'd be putting it off till a few weeks after they left (cause you can't drink two weeks prior) and having an awesome time with them
  10. I was asked if I had stopped breast feeding 12 months or more at my consult. I had a reduction and lift tho not a BA. 12 months sounds right for a BA as your breasts do change a lot in that time after you finish breast feeding. I wouldn't stop breast feeding now tho just to get a BA at the end of the year. Maybe just put the BA off Best thing is to talk to a surgeon and see what they recommend
  11. I went back to work at 4 weeks. I had to take it easy but I was okay. By 5 weeks you'll still be a little tender and still need to take it a bit easy but otherwise you'll be fine
  12. The bigger your boobs are the bigger you look. Have you tried placing something in your top and trying on clothes, taking photos etc to get an idea of how you'll look?
  13. Oh I also had my mum at home the first week I was home and then hubby at home the following 3 weeks.
  14. I had a tummy tuck and I def could not lift the kids at two weeks. It still hurts now at 7 weeks. My little boy is about 15kg and little girl is 13kg. I was probably a month before I could quickly life them on to chairs etc but even now it hurts carrying them. I took a month off work. My job is semi physical so I had to be careful and it still hurt bending over etc.
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