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  1. I went with Dr Mark Lee, I'm extremely happy with my results Feel free to add me and look at my pics, I was a small 10B and got 350cc round unders and am now a 10D. Mine cost just under 10k
  2. https://www.victoriassecret.com/swimwear/all-sale-and-clearance/strappy-cross-back-triangle-top?ProductID=299559&CatalogueType=OL These ones I'm usually a small and I bought a medium it those and just a normal triangle bikini and the triangles are pretty small for a size medium!!
  3. 5 weeks post op! It's gone so quickly, can't wait to be able to wear under wire, although wire free is so comfy!! My incisions are looking really good, im surprised how they look considering it's only been 5 weeks! Hope everyone else is doing well!! PS. I'm hating Victoria's Secret sizing at the moment haha bought a size M top, straps are waaaay to long (not adjustable) and the cups are way to small they look like nipple covers 😂
  4. kg95

    June 2016 girls!

    @ms.bolton I had the same thing I'm 27 days post op, it the mornings I had morning boob and couldn't pull myself up because of the sharp pains in my right boob. When I asked the nurse at my bandage change she said it's the nerves coming back, to me it felt like stitches pulling but more to the side of my boobs not where my incision is
  5. Hi @MissP17 I went with Mark as well, almost 4 weeks post op. 350cc mod plus. 169cm 54kg. Feel free to add me and look at my after pics xx
  6. Hi girls, I'm coming up 4 weeks post op and still had sternum swelling, last night I rolled up a sock and put it in my cleavage to try stop my boobs moving when I slept on my side and it's actually gotten rid of my swelling! Yay finally!! And it's made my boobs look bigger which is a plus 😜
  7. Hi @ash92, I'd say just around the house a few times a day, you shouldn't over do yourself. I found too much walking and movement in the first couple of days made me feel like crap! Hope everything goes well for you
  8. @MissJulie it's gone so quick! Next appointment is about 4 weeks away. Really happy with everything so far!
  9. 3 weeks and 1 day post op! Have a bit of trouble sleeping on my side still. Boobs look a bit wonky, ones dropping quicker. Hope everyone's doing well!!
  10. Don't stress I'm 2 weeks post op, I started with the same size boobs and now they're a bit wonky because ones dropping at a different rate Kmart had so many great wireless bras, I also got some seam free crops because they're always super comfy!
  11. My right boob has been soo itchy today!! I think I remember someone saying they had this too and it's probably the nerves coming back? So irritating thought! On the other hand how amazing is this $9'kmart contour bra!
  12. @jjade they are!! And the triangles too Im back at work Wednesday, not looking forward to it haha even though it's a desk job I can't be bothered, doing nothing all day is much more fun! I get my tapes changed tomorrow haha hopefully doesn't hurt!
  13. @brisgirl81 there's heaps of cute triangle crops and stuff and so comfy!
  14. Looking good @brisgirl81! I'm 12 days post op today, I was sitting hear reading the forums and noticed I can't feel anything, usually I can feel some tightness or the implant on my muscle but nope nothing, I finally feel normal haha Love this bonds crop but my new big boobs are stretching it too much, might have to buy a size 10!! (Good thing bonds has 40% off at the moment)
  15. @youngmumma18 I'm feeling great been off the drugs since day 6 I think, I never used the strong pain killers. Only taking the paracetemol when I start to get uncomfortable. I got 350cc Mod Plus Rounds. I'm 168cm 54kg and was 10B
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