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  1. Hi Everyone, Currently a size 12G/14F and wanting to get a reduction back to what i was before i had kids 12DD so that i can walk into any store and actually buy a bra. Anyways do i go a reduction and a lift or a reduction with implants (if that is even possible). Let me know your stories please? Thanks Lou
  2. Hello, I am considering having a makeover and seeking advice, feedback, recommendations whatever anyone can supply. I'm still feeding my youngest so im doing all my research at the moment!! I have a few questions: Do I look in Australia or head Overseas? I feel I might medically qualify for a breast reduction (12G) who has the final say on this?? My referring GP, the Plastic Surgeon or my PHI/Medicare? If I do qualify am I better off getting my boobs done and than my tummy as I would feel my PHI would not pay if I was getting both done at the same time. Am I best to continue to exercise (currently back below pre-pregnancy weight) so that it's less to take off in a TT?? Should I just suck it up and have a consultation with someone?? (I feel bad doing this as I'm not 100% ready) If anyone can help I would be greatly appreciated. TIA
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