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  1. Hi there, yes I found him to be extremely friendly and happy to take my money for a BA, when I asked for a review months later as I was not happy, he was extremely rude, not interested in my concerns and refused to correct the problem. I am curious why he is no longer operating as a business. Perhaps his staff left, I know I would by the way he disrespected them as Nurses. I went there over the past 12 months for liposuction & BA, it’s so disgusting and disappointing to save for such a long time to not be happy with the results, Dr Higgs was not interested in my concerns and refused to re do surgery. Was a very happy person to luir me in and take my money.....once in a lifetime opportunity for someone like me and she we be concerned about this implant recall I heard on the radio
  2. Thank you very much Rattlie, I will have a look x
  3. I'm looking for a highly reputable surgeon & clinic in Adelaide to Advise me for some procedures I've been thinking about for a very long time. I notice all other states are here but didn't see anything regarding SA. I'm extremely interested in a facelift, tummy tuck/sculpture & breast augmentation but am becoming confused and concerned when I read all kinds of different sites as I don't know the good surgeons to the bad ones. It's actually terrifying not knowing what to expect and where not to go. Thanks
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