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  1. I'm looking into doing it. My PS is Mark Vulack from Queensland Plastic Surgery. His rates are under 400cc $8500 over 400cc $10500. Consult fees are $180
  2. Hi I'm looking into getting a BA. I work for a small business so I've been pretty open with my boss on my plans, but he's worried I'm not going to be capable of working even with 2weeks off. I have a physical job. I am a water plant operator. My job involves heaps of driving, lifting 20kg drums, pouring chemicals, walking up and down platforms. And I'm taking a month off for my wedding later on so if I take anymore time off I'll really be pushing my luck. So just chasing other people's recovery times and hopefully others with physical jobs can tell me how they went. Additonial information: getting 300cc under the muscle, under the breast
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