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  1. Hi Ladies, Thanks all for your advice :). I tucked 1 pillow under my legs and one under my bum and last night was the 1st time I could sleep well. Thanks God. I sent an email to Dr V to ask him when I can sleep on my side again but he has not replied yet. I am just worried if I sleep on my side too early will affect the shape of my boobs or sth like that . PN
  2. Ladies, i am 2 weeks op and my back is killing me. I only can sleep 3-4 hours a nights as my back is too sore and have to sit up. And the question is when I can sleep on my side again ? Thanks PN
  3. Hi Holly, How much did you pay for your surgery?
  4. Hi Saljo, could you please send me the website of PPSI Phuket? I searched on google and it showed too many different websites. Not sure which one is correct. http://www.plastic-surgery-phuket.com http://www.phuketpsi.com/ https://phuket.surgery/phuket-international-hospital/ http://www.phuketinternationalhospital.com/pages/17?locale=en Thanks Saljo
  5. Any reviews about Dr Glenn Murray in Perth please. I did do some researches but not much info about him on internet at all. Thanks
  6. Thank so much for your advice. I will do that when I see him
  7. You are a lucky girl I think I 100% trust Dr V now (after saw your result ), Will leave it up to him to decide the size and shape Enjoy your days in Thailand
  8. OMG when I looked at your pic, I wish I could book my surgery earlier :). 8 more months to go awwww, it's too long. Your implant is under muscle? How do you feel after 5 days OP? And how's about sleep at night? (sorry for asking too many questions)
  9. Hi @LookingforDD, Did you have to pay more money or still THB 140,000?
  10. @LookingforDD All the best for your op :). I will follow your journey and can not wait to see the result.
  11. I just sent you a request if you don't mind
  12. Sorry for a silly question Hun but are they stretch marks around your boobs? (Maybe my eyes have problem ). If yes, did you have them before op or after?
  13. Thanks for your info Karajd88. I will stay in Phuket for 14 days and already booked Nap Patong Hotel. Just a bit curious: Who was your doctor? how many cc did you put in? What size of your bra after op? Are you happy with it? I am still confuse about choosing size as I dont want to go too big or too small . I am A cup and want to have full C cup at least . Thinking about 330cc Hope your recovery is speedy and you will have best result
  14. Thanks Hun :). I will have a look to see if I can afford to pay for that resort or not haha
  15. My op date was booked, girls. It will be on Dec, Have to organise flight & hotel from now as the price will be crazy at Xmas time. Any recommends on hotel Ladies? Did anyone stay at Nap Patong? Is it ok?
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