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    BA 295cc+ tear drop under muscle. Looking for natural look and not too big!
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    Dr Piyapas
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  1. Cuddlybear and hazelnut, it might be overstretched. Same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Breast was very painful to touch and move. Take it easy (easier said then done I know!!) let us know how you go at the surgeons hazelnut. Thanks MissJulie, I'm really happy with them!!
  2. Thanks @lana777! 167cm, 57kg, originally a cup. I got mentor teardrop 295cc
  3. 4 weeks photo... Super happy, very natural which is exactly what I want. So happy to have new boobies!!
  4. @brisgirl81 I think your boobs look amazing! I can see why you're disappointed, but to be honest I think it looks like a small birthmark. Plus as the other ladies have mentioned, if you're still not happy you could get a scar revision, which isn't as an invasive a procedure. Chin up! Side sleepers - I've been sleeping on my side since week 3. It was a little bit weird at first but now it's fine. I put a pillow under my breast at first to make it more comfortable, but now I don't need that. My breasts aren't painful anymore and the only time they were hurting was when I was lifting/ moving luggage and pulled my muscle, now I've been taking it easy I've had no pain. How long does everyone need to wear their bras sleeping for? I've started sleeping without my bra now that my incision is largely healed and it's been a nice change! Is there any reason I should be wearing a bra to sleep or all the time? I don't have a compression bandage or any special post-surgery bra. My surgeon didn't say anything about massage... I asked him and he said it wasn't necessary for teardrop implants and that doing massage for teardrop implants could move them so isn't recommended. I'm 4 weeks today and am so happy with my results! My incisions are no longer infected and are healing well. My boobs have dropped and while they're still a bit perky for my taste, hoping they will continue to drop and soften over the next few months.
  5. Thanks for the advice MissJulie, Rox90 and Jolive7 I sent pictures of my incision to my surgeon, he is not worried. I went to a GP yesterday as well. Luckily she was lovely, no judgement for getting a BA. She put me on a stronger antibiotic and gave me advice if it doesn't heal up quickly/gets worse. She also took a swab of the incision to see what type of bacteria infection I have. Was worried yesterday because felt unwell and had sore breasts, felt like they were bruised (and didn't have any bruising from my surgery). Hopefully the antibiotics will work quickly!
  6. I was thinking that my recovery was smooth, but now am a bit worried about infection in my incisions. On Friday (day 11) I ran out of gauze for my incisions and thought they were looking pretty good so thought they would be fine. How very wrong... After 2 hours the incisions started hurting. They were infected when I next looked at them and were painful around the incision. I've started cleaning and changing the gauze 3 times a day, I also started on antibiotics again, but am a bit worried about the infection not going away... Any advice? I'm going to see a dr tmrw but am scared they're going to shame me for getting implants!! Otherwise my boobs have recovered well, I can sleep on my side. I've been pushing myself with packing and moving, so trying to take it easy now as they started aching for a bit earlier in the week... @Cuddlybear I also think they look great!
  7. Wow @Bushlander and @MissJulie your new boobs look great!! thanks @brisgirl81 and @Bettyboobs for the reassurance! I know they will look better once they drop. I didn't have enough beforehand to have clevage!! @brisgirl81 your clevage looks fantastic, hopefully mine will improve once they've had time to drop and soften
  8. How are you going @brisgirl81? @de agree with @Cornflakegirl21, you will be fine going back to work after 5 days. I'm on day 6 and the only pain I have is first thing in the morning (morning boob!). I've been taking the painkillers for that the last 2 days, but otherwise haven't needed any painkillers since the third night. It's tight across my chest and I'm not ready to do too much walking around, but otherwise it's not affecting me. Girls I've got a question.. My boobs are quite far apart at the moment. Will they move closer together when they d&f? I'm insanely happy with them otherwise, my scars are healing up and no bruising, the exact size I wanted, but they seem to be a bit far apart....
  9. Thanks hazelnut! Im feeling much better than expected cornflakegirl. Tight across the chest but not in any pain. Feels a bit bruised on the sides of my breast and they sit up a bit high, but that's to be expected.
  10. @JasminCraw and @Cornflakegirl21 we are both 5 days, how are you feeling? Are you happy with the results? I am but still can't wait til they drop and fluff and look more natural!!
  11. Hey guys! everyone looks so great!! im day 5 post op and feeling pretty good. Haven't needed painkillers since the third night. Although was constipated for 5 days so had to give myself an enema yesterday ? I was wondering, why do some ppl need to sleep upright? Or wear a compression band? My dr said I could sleep any way that was comfortable, so I have been sleeping lying flat since the second night. And I have been wearing regular sports bras. Perhaps no need to sleep upright or compression band because mine are small (295cc) and teardrop? I don't need to massage either... some pics of my new boobies
  12. @Yangi you're still sleeping upright? I'm day 3 and I slept flat on a pillow last night... Makes getting up and down painful but it hurts my back to sleep any other way.. Hopefully this is ok? Did your doc say you had to sleep upright? im day 3 and day 4 of constipation ? Been taking all the laxatives my mum will let me have but still no luck! Boobs are sensitive and it hurts to get up and down out of the bed and it's tight to walk around... Mum won't let me take the bandage off until I go back for my follow-up tmrw so haven't even had a good look at my new boobies!
  13. They look amazing cornflakegirl! I only had a brief peak at mine earlier when the nurses took off my bandages and put the new bra and compression bandages on. So weird to no longer be in the itty bitty titty committee! I've been in some pain, mostly muscle pain at the top of my implants. Hopefully that fades soon...
  14. Agree! Will be absolutely stunning post surgery I'm done! Went well as far as I can tell... The nurses and anesthesiologist were sooo lovely. No nausea either, tucked in to a big lasts and have been eating cookies like I've never had one before... Little sore and uncomfortable, but the morphine is going the trick! Staying overnight in the hospital but ok with that, my room is more like a hotel than a hospital! @kg95 don't stress! They're professionals and will look after you. And will be all worth it once you have your new boobies! @Cornflakegirl21 how are you feeling?
  15. I'm in my hospital room right now, due for surgery in 40 mins!! Thanks for the info cornflakegirl my surgeon is Dr P, he was very professional and kind. I didn't feel rushed, although was a bit confused about the sizes, as apparently My breast width is too small to go more than 280cc...but will still achieve the look I want hopefully!! Will keep you posted...
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