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    Dr Pornthep - 9th July 2016

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  1. Hi Ladies, Im booked in with Cosmeditour for a TT with Dr Pornthep in July thid year. Im wondeering if anyone took their own compression garment? If so where did you get it and what type was suitable? Also has anyone that went through Cosmeditour accept the film offer to have your journey filmed? If so what did you get in return? And how often were you filmed? I just cant seem to find info anywhere on anything ....sigh
  2. bigmumma

    Hi all!

    Woohoo! Im heading to Bangpkok9 hospital to visit Dr Pornthep for a TT after having 3 children and losing 60kg! Soooo exciting. My surgery date is July 9th anyone else heading over beginning July ? X
  3. Hi there, Ive hesrd nothing but amazing reviews! Ive judt paid my deposit through cosmeditour for a TT with him im July also! (The 9th). I tried to find bad reviews and i couldnt which i felt was a good sign. Although ive seen a couple of his clients im wsiting to be accrpted into the privste fb forum so i can see actual work hes done. sorry i couldnt be more help. X
  4. Its official i paid my deposit with dayna today im booked in for the 9th so ill be flying in and checking in on the 8th! Squeeeee soooo excited! Pm me if youd like to have a friend over there at the time fitmumof5 ive heard raving reviews on the hodpital and when i type in Dr Pornthep bad reviews not 1 thing comes up..... Pretty good i think. Im wsiting to be added to the private fb forum now
  5. I am thinking cosmeditour.... Ive been quoted $5490 for the 14 night tummy tuck package and just waiting on his yes to surgery on the 9th of July.... Ofcourse Im skeptical but he does seem the best for the job based on his resume and the reviews of the Bangkok 9 hospital are excellent ..... When In July are you going ?
  6. Hi ladies, Im new to the forum. Im finding it incredibly difficult to find reviews and before and after shots of Dr Portheps work. Im about to book him through cosmeditour for July 9th (if he will operate on a saturday). IM turning dirty 30 this year, ive lost 60kg and ive had 3 children..... You can imagin what my tummy looks like and why I need to make sure Dr P will do an amazing job. Any personal blogs, vlogs, before and afters, reccommendations or stories would be grestly appreciated. Im bringing my mum with me and were stsying at the ATEAS hotel Bangkok.
  7. Hi Ladies, Im new to the forum and looking into Dr Pornthep for a TT in July this year. Its soo hard to find before and afters of his work, and to find good reccommendations of him on a TT. Can anyone help me out there with some info? Im excited, and worried and also excited with some worry.......lol
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