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  1. Kitteh how funny. I went to my first consult , parked paid the parking, walked down the street and realised i didnt have the address...luckily it was IN the car and not in the country town over 2 hours away lol yeah i could have googled the joint but luckily it was a short walk back to the car. Good luck at the next one , i suspect it will be a totally different consult and have heard great things about Ashton xx
  2. Ladies, As i keep reading how many of you have devoted your breasts in the name of child raising and how many some of you have fed I am totally overwhelmed. Us that have been fortunate enough to be able to use our boobs and then be able to reclaim them is a very special and emotional journey I sit and send my heartfelt regards to those who couldnt for whatever reasons xx
  3. yes! i miss those little perky boobies i used to have, how they just sat there and if i needed i could push them up and then BAM. along come humungous udders LOL and i think thats where the greed kicks in for me xx
  4. Lozz firstly i have 2 little ones and am 37. As Doc H asked me did i want to look like Vic Beckham i laughed and politly declined, large breast bone dictates a decent gap however at my age and my line of work i am more for the covered look of fullness LOL I also live in a small country town so I do want to hear whispers without revealing the puppies too much. This is for travels with the kids where mummy can finally fill out a bikini and chillax on the beach. I told the doc i wanted "pendulas" (is that a word? lol" perky bigger than a c and his projection and confidence won me over in a
  5. Chopper what a great recovery. thanks for the tip on the pillows, i was just looking out at the stars and thinking hmmmm what pillows will i get to prop up with and then jumped on here lol How exciting for you that the boy came round and imagine how much more exciting both of you will get as the days go on. Love back at ya babe xx
  6. Lozz68 i think one of the first answers i had off Doc H was about the drains. Was pleased yet also made me realize how important quitting the ciggerettes was. I am pretty excited to hear your journey, i think judging by your stats you would look amazing, cant wait to hear your joy and what size you end up with
  7. you crack me up Boobie mumma ...LOL 275 to consider 360's. I went from 360's, toyed with oops i think they were 410's but felt at 360 that was enough greed for me. Imagine what the surgeons think when we go BIGGER BIGGER BIGGER hehehe. tough choices and your day is nearing. Have you made up the sizers? I made 400's and had a cracker of a day but realized that was just too big to handle lol i really like the look of i think 385's hp's under muscle on the Doc's site . but however am wrapped that I could make a decision at all. xx
  8. JenJen i opted for the 360's as my weight will pick up and as i have no ass any how i am certain i will love that top heavy feeling. will post before and afters xx
  9. LOL might I add i tried on a 400 in the rounds as he didnt have a 420 ana but the side peojection was more than i thought i could handle
  10. Fit boobies see you in recovery girl. I made a hasty decision yesterday to go with Dr H. He was just fantastic and really let me be my crazy self. So can't wait and had the best nights sleep in the last almost 4 years for making a decision for ME.
  11. chopper! i get ya sista!! pack a day and then some.... LOL I hope your doing well, stay strong for the boobies xx
  12. Hey Ladies Great to hear of your same determination to quit. Yes the healing is the mitigating factor not to mention a great reason to want to exist with a healthy constitution. My consult with the doc H today was sooooooo incredibly amazing that I have actually booked in with him!!!! As serious as the procedure is invasive we spent alot of time laughing about what I didnt want and both agreed on 360 high profiles over the 420's. Reason being is the day before i made up the rice sizers, wore them into my place of minimal work, leaned down to do a job and felt them brush against my arm
  13. Hello ladies, thankyou all so much for sharing so much of you personal journey's. I was floating around here a couple of years ago and boy what an explosion of breast in those past couple of years. I have got my first consult with Dr Harwood TOMORROW. happy much!! then next week is Dr Belt, however I am wondering if he is used to doing more of a british fill (iykwim) then have another consultation with Greg Macdermant on the sunny coast in october. Have any of you been smokers and been advised on a three month quit time before surgery? As recomended by my GP i have started to quit sl
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