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  1. HAHAHAHAHA I absolutely LOVE this!! it is exactly how I felt!! If you gals are interested:
  2. Hi Guys, here is my experience: Stats: 168cm, 56kg, barely A-cup. 375cc unders, trans-axillary incisions. So I had my surgery all planned out for June 2016, but after a relationship break up and resigning from a job with instant dismissal my surgery was brought forward to just one week after that all happened. Not the lead in I was wanting of a month of no stress and healthy eating/ no drinking! I had originally chosen Dr P as my consultant but he was unavailable so went with Dr Witoon. So I arrived in the morning and the rest of the group arrived in the afternoon. The taxi man picked me up from the airport and took me so the hospital where I was expecting the local rep from RBG to meet me. They weren't there and never bothered to show up until it came time to make the payment. This I am extremely disappointed with. I also expected at least one of the two reps that travelled from Australia to check in on me either that night or the next morning, but I did not meet either of them until we were out for dinner the following night. I turned to Bec (the owner of the company!) and asked her what procedure she had done and she said she was the tour leader! I thought wow, after $650 she could have at least introduced herself! Anyway after arriving at the hospital I went through the usual blood tests and checks then had my consultation with Dr Witoon. I had read in reviews that he was an excellent surgeon but his bedside manner was maybe not as nice as some of the others. I actually found that he had a very calming and reassuring manner about him. Although looking back on the consultation I definitely felt rushed and did not have time to process the options, I really just went on his recommendation. In the consulting room I thought we had discussed an under breast approach, with a transaxillary camera - he said he preferred this for viewing - which i thought was a bit weird at the time. I clarified (or thought I had) that it was under breast incision and just the camera going up top, but in actual fact after I woke up from surgery he had done the whole thing through the armpit. This is my only criticism of the consultant and the potential for language barrier misunderstandings. Again this is where I am critical of RBG as they had assured me the local guide would be in the consultation with me. After the consultation I was shown my room and asked to shower. The room was very comfortable with a big shower, the hospital bed of course and there was internet. Get a netflix account before you go, it was awesome! I would say to get everything set up before you go in for surgery through so you don't have to faff around getting things out of your bag afterwards. I was then collected and taken to surgery at 1:30pm. The nurse confirmed my details with me - and again this is where I asked to clarify the incision site, he said he would check with the Dr and get back to me but never did. I was then strapped down to the gurney and they held a mask over my face - they said it was just oxygen but the next thing I knew I was waking up! Not all of the girls had the anaesthetic through the mask. Some of the other girls said their surgeon held their hand whilst going under which would have been wonderful, my fella wasn't even in the room at this point! When I woke up I was very cold and so they put an emergency blanket over me which was great. It would have taken me a good hour to wake up probably - I kept coming to, but the sleep was so good that I kept saying '***** it I'm guna enjoy the sleep' and nodded off again and actually I slept through most of the afternoon/ night. Whenever I closed my eyes I was back out into such a deep sleep, it was great! I think the surgery took about 45 minutes. Apparently this guy is pretty quick. Luckily for me I did not experience any nausea, and when my food came I just chipped away at it through the evening so as not to accidentally bring it on. I did not need to go to the bathroom until around 3am. I called the nurse to come and help me get up - just in case my legs decided not to hold me, and I was glad I did that the first time but after that the help was not required. When you go you do have to hook the drains to the stand though so you can wheel them with you. Normally I am very squeemish with stuff like that but the bandages covered the drain insertion so it was easier to pretend they weren't inserted into my body Dr Witoon came to visit me about 10pm (long day for him!), then again in the morning. The nurses cam in every two hours or so to check my BP and give meds. Of course there was also the magic morphine button Some of the other girls were given cold packs which would have been great - I would recommend asking for some! They are really good quality ones and you can take them home too. In the reviews people had recommended taking strepsils for your throat - which was a good suggestion, probably especially if you chunder. The other thing which fascinated me was that my eyelids hurt a bit, then I realised they would have taped them shut! Honestly they could do anything in there and your wouldn't have a clue! I was discharged around 11am the following day (still not having met the tour guides from RBG) and went to the resort. At the resort they would only give out one key at a time for the room which was bloody annoying! Once I left the hospital the only medication I was given was standard paracetamol and sleeping pills. And actually I forgot to even take the paracetamol until about 6pm. I cannot believe how comfortable I was in terms of pain levels. The thing that did get to me was the tightness. And girls beware, it took about 3 weeks to feel as though the skin was finally starting to stretch! It felt as though my skin was being pulled off my breast bone! I went back to NZ which was freezing, and because the uscle was already on stretch it meant it couldn't contract to be able to shiver, so that was quite uncomfortable. The relentless tightness became quite mentally fatiguing actually. But it does get better!! The other thing was the sensation changes, and I assume I had more than the other girls who had the under breast incision. Across my chest was quite a prickly feeling, similar to if you are getting anxious. Down the inside of my arm was also sensitive and if I wore quite coarse material it felt as though it was rubbing on a rash. I am not 5 1/2 weeks post op and am probably at 85%. The chest sensation is basically back to normal and the arms continue to improve. For a long time I was just completely numb across the bottom half of my boobs. My consultant asked me to wear an additional strap just under my boobs. He said the elastic of a sports bra was not firm enough and so wanted me to get an extra one (I actually just made one of elastic and sewed bra hooks on). Because this is now quite tight it means you don't get the same expansion whilst breathing, so can also contribute to a feeling of anxiety. I am not a particularly anxious person but I thought it good to mention in case there are others out there who are so you can be a bit prepared for it. It also makes your back quite stiff over that area but using a foam roller helps with that. He wants me to wear it day and night for 3 months. After two weeks the skin is much firmer around the area though so, whilst I still wear it I have been a bit slack, and realistically cant see myself wearing it for 3 months. I was able to sleep on my tummy last night woohooo! For the first two weeks they felt like complete rocks. They are still pretty hard - I wouldn't be ready for a boy to be fondling them yet - but again improving each week, and they say it can take 4-6 months for them to soften. In terms of function I was able to toilet straight away without help and was out for dinner and walking through the markets the following day. I was able to drive 1 week post op. I probably could have run at 4 weeks post op. At 5 weeks now I am just starting to feel flickers of activation through the top layer of the pec. I am a physio so was concerned about having enough time off work. Because of the job situation I was luckily to have a month off. I would recommend definitely having 3 weeks off before returning to work such as this. My scars have tethered down to the underlying tissue and I do have some cording, so this has been quite restrictive but has been loosening. And actually I think if I had been somewhere warm and was moving more normally this would have loosened off faster. The surgery itself cost me AUD $5500. Normally it is 5200 for under breast and an extra thousand for the trans-axillary approach, but they dropped a few hundred for me (again I thought it was only the camera going op there so I wasn't going to pay and extra 1000 just for that!) The booking fee for RBG was 650 and I think $2000 for flights/accom. The medical insurance was $500 (that cost might have actually been part of the $2000, I cant remember now). So in summary I had a very good Thailand experience and would certainly recommend it. If you have a support person I would probably just deal directly with the hospital and save yourself the $650 of booking through a company (and I believe you can get flights/accommodation cheaper), however if you do not have someone to go with you I would definitely recommend going through a company - for piece of mind whilst you are over there as much as anything. One of the girls did develop a 400cc blood clot - don't freak out, it was find in the end, the surgeon had to go back in there and take it out then put her implant back in, 1 in 100,000 chance apparently, she was back at 10am the next day all smiles. But we were glad not to be solo for that! I have not had any follow up from Restored Beauty Getaways since leaving, apart from an email asking me to complete a survey. I had messagede Bec (tour leader and company owner) regarding the cording and it took her two days to get back to me. The one good thing they do is create a private FB group so all the girls can catch up about how they are getting on. I love my new boobs, I love that I now have shape, and feel more feminine, and love that my clothes don't just fall flat anymore! 375cc has taken me to a big B/ small C-cup. I was hoping to be a decent C but oh well, when you have nothing to begin with then there is only so much they can do! I couldn't imagine my skin having to stretch more than what it did though...! Also a lot of the girls had 325-350cc implants and ended up much much bigger than me, but then they had more to begin with I think. Oh also don't pin your hopes on clevage, it is all to do with how wide your breast bone is, and if it's too wide there aint nothing they can do about it! Remember implants just accentuate what you have already, rather than reshape. Cool, that's about all I can think of for now, hope this helps someone out there!
  3. I had mine done yesterday wooohoooo! Recovery has been far better than expected - I'm a bit tight and a little discomfort but not pain as such. and there is always the magic button I get discharged today and the consultant said i can go shopping this afternoon! I didnt throw up so I was super stoked with that! just chipped away at food and water through the evening though, i think if i had chowed it down in one hit then that wouldn't have been very good @Hannabee92 we are pretty similar. im 167, 57kg, 10a. he put in 375cc (I was originally I was thinking 300-325) but kept telling me not to focus on the cc's haha
  4. Things have changed for me - i resigned from my job + broke up with the bf so now headed out tomorrow for surgery on the 21st!! omg so soon! So much change and unfortunately stress that i did not want pre-op but thank-goodness I could get on to a group tour
  5. I can't unfortunately, I have a new job starting up so need to go in the next two weeks or so. Good luck for your trip!
  6. So the bf and I just broke up AND I resigned from my job with immediate termination - which means I can bring my surgery forward but now wont have a support person with me, Has anyone done the trip solo before? If so did it go ok or would you recommend not to do it? Also if there are any other BA girls heading over in the next week or two and would like a boobie buddy let me know!
  7. @Jess83 How did you get on travelling solo? The bf and I have just broken up so now he wont be coming as support. I really don't ant to delay the trip! Also I am booked with Dr P as well, now did you find him?!
  8. @elise.parr Hi Elise, my bf and I have just broken up so I will now be doing this solo, how did you get on? Do you think I should delay it unitl I can get a different support person to go with me?
  9. That is very exciting for you @emmajade!! It is so hard to know, people seem to be coping very differently. I am terrible with pain but then I'm hoping that cos I'm in the physio field I will be a bit more confident with when/how to mobilise... I am handing in my resignation tomorrow so hopefully I can move the surgery date up!!
  10. Hi Curley, I am booked in with Dr P at the end of May, may I ask how you found him? Also the bf and I have just broken up, do you think it is still do-able without a support person?

  11. How much did it cost you girls to have them in Perth? I am currently booked in in Thailand but the bf and I just broke up so now I am thinking Perth could be better so the gals can just pop in to keep me company...
  12. I'm a physio and can't take more than 2 weeks off, do you think this is enough time? I feel it is cutting it a bit tight but I don't really have a choice...
  13. @Yangi you sound very similar to me! Why are you going subglandular rather than subpectoral?
  14. My Mum is the most conservative person I know and a strong feminist, I wasn't even going to tell her that I was getting them done but then I realised she would probably figure it out pretty quickly anyway when I told her about it she was surprisingly all for it! She said that underneath it all we are women and a lot of our self confidence is wrapped up in feeling feminine - which I'm sure is exactly how we all feel on the forum! It was really nice to have her approval and support for it. It sounds as though you Mum has realised how important it is to you and has come around in her thinking I have often struggled with the thought of how the money could be better spent, particularly with all the suffering in the world and of course the imminent political instability.... it is so easy to think that it will never make it to little ole OZ or NZ but given all that has gone on over the last couple of years it is a pretty naive mindset. So what makes me want to go through with it anyway?? I just feel that no matter how much you do there will always be more that you can do. I donate to charities and particularly animal organisations when I can but I also donate my time, which I think is just as valuable. My conscience is clear that I am at least helping in some way. Boobs are something I have wanted since a little girl, I am under no allusions that they will fix lifes problems but I know they will make me feel more complete as a women. How much is that really worth!!
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