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  1. @MermaidUnicorn I know the feeling it is a bit surreal and strange but they gave me an injection first that just relaxes you before you go into theatre and have the anaesthetic so if they give you that also you should be feeling a little bit more relaxed before you go under. Good luck so excited for you
  2. @MermaidUnicorn omg how exciting I hope all goes well you'll have to let us know how you go good luck with everything X
  3. @Melicass @Mummaof7 @Katiesuzannah12 @ms.bolton You all look fabulous you girls must be so happy Girls I was wondering if any of you know if having a post op bra to small affects my recovery or not. I was sized a bra for 350-400cc but he actually ended up putting 450cc in both and I feel as thought the bra is so tight and it's doing something to my new girls. This is what they look like in the bra squashed to a pulp is any one else bra super tight and do you think it's worth getting another size? Hope everyones going well xx
  4. @kura I'm so glad you went well I was fine when I woke up but as the pain killers wore off I started to feel a bit of pain so I took some pain killers that they prescribed me but I felt naeasous so had to take the anti naesous medication. I woke up this morning with more pain but just took some panadol. I am feeling like a stabbing pain also. There still so high and its feels like I'm carrying two rocks but besides from that happy with the results haha.
  5. @kura I can't believe it I was admitted at 9am and I feel fine apart from the fact that it feels like an elephant sat on my chest Hahahaha I hope youwent well and resting smoothly I will have to update you soon
  6. I know its exciting and nerve racking all at the same time, Dr Rahdon is doing my surgery i'm getting 400 cc put in one and 450cc in the other, i still cant believe its in 2 days.
  7. Omg my op is in two days i think i wrote that it was the 16th on here but its actually wednesday the 15th I'm panicking I'm thinking should i really go through with this but then i realise how I've wanted this for so long i don't want to turn back now I'm just so so nervous. All your photos girls look amazing you must be so happy i hope your all doing well and recovery is going smoothly.
  8. Hi ladies, Im really struggling with what size to go with my surgeon said 400cc in one and 450cc in the other because I'm asymmetrical but I'm not sure whether to go with 350cc and 400c as i think 400 and 450 may be too big but im just not sure i dont want to regret not going bigger do any of you ladies have 400cc or 450cc are they really that huge?
  9. Oh my gosh I'm booked in for my BA on the 16th of June with Dr Rahdon and I can't wait I'm so excited I'm also struggling with sizes 400 or 450. 450 just seems so huge but then again I don't want to regret not going bigger later on
  10. Hi ladies so I'm very excited as my BA is in 3 weeks however my surgeon has said that my assymetry will not be completely gone but improved a little. I know it won't be perfect but I don't want to go through with Sugery and only see a small improvement in my assymetry any of you ladies have/ had asymmetrical breast and what was your outcome ? Id love to hear about some of your results
  11. Thanks so much ladies I feel a lot easier about it now I'll have to update you once I've had my surgery I'm so excited ahh
  12. Hi ladies Im booked in for my BA on the 16th of June and i am terrified that I'm going to look alot chubbier. As im not a super skinny girl (size 10-12) i dont want to look any larger, will having a BA make me appear larger overall? its my biggest fear.
  13. Thanks so much for all your insight girls i think i will go through with it even though I'm scared and nervous it's something i've wanted for so long i know i would regret it if i didn't do it. Im also just wondering if fat grafting to your breast would give the same look as to me it seams less scary as your not placing two foreign objects in your body. Let me know ladies if you know anything about it xxx
  14. Hi ladies I'm booked in for my BA in June and I'm starting to re think my surgery, and i don't know why i had decided this is what i wanted and i researched throughly before opting to go through with it but I'm starting to panic. Im thinking of the pain, if i will feel uncomfortable with two foreign objects in my body and if its worth it or not. Is it common to have second thoughts before sugery i dont know what to do.
  15. Thanks so much I've been doing some researching on here for Richard and can't wait for my consultation also i called their practice to ask a couple more questions and DI the receptionist on the phone was extremely helpful and lovely
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