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  1. Going great thanks @jema5. I'm coming up to 3 weeks PO and feeling fine. Dr Birch is great, you're in good hands ?
  2. Yes I got the carefix ones and used their size guide. It's just goes off your under bust measurement ?
  3. @de they provide one bra which you wake up in (I wore a white shirt on surgery day so they put me in a nude bra) but I purchased 3 post op bras off zodee
  4. My surgery was booked for 10:30am. Arrived at 9:45am and waited until about 11:30 before I was called in. The next part took about 15 minutes (paperwork, got weighed, change into gown) I went to the loo again because I knew it was going to be a few hours before I would be going again. Dr birch came and did all of his markings on me and then I was taken into surgery. I would say it was around 12 noon by then. Had a little chat with the anethesist and then I woke up in recovery. I don't remember getting dressed but I was. They said I had been awake for about 30 minutes or so but i don't remember any of it. Then I was walked over to the recovery lounge where I had some coffee and biscuits. It was somewhere around 2pm at this stage and I was the last one there for the day so they let my husband come and sit with me until I could go which was nice because I had some company. I'm fairly sure I left around 2:45pm? If it's any help, the nurses and anethesist's were all really friendly and nice so don't be too stressed. The worst part for me was the long wait in the morning when I was dying for some water!! They will call him about an hour before you are ready to be picked up ?
  5. Looking fab @Kate82 so great to hear you're doing well ?
  6. Awesome, so what size etc did you end up deciding on?
  7. Usually around 85kgs @de ?
  8. Thanks @de I'm 6ft tall and I was barely a B cup before! I had 460cc HP unders ?
  9. I had some assemetery too but he also said it wasn't enough to warrant different sizes. He also lowered my incisions by almost 2cms on both sides too. I personally think you are in great hands. All the nurses and the female anethesist at the Gaythorne day hospital said to me that he was a fantastic surgeon and does an amazing job. I think it's wonderful that he has such a great reputation amongst those he works with. It helps put your mind at ease too. You definitely have have more than I had to start with (I think your before pics are amazing btw!!) so they are going to look ridiculously good afterwards?
  10. Omg I was just reading this thread and laughing so much about the comments on dr Birch's looks! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks he's a hottie! I was terrified of seeing him When I was coming out of the general and telling how cute he is - awkward ? Sure thing ?
  11. I went with the 460cc. Dr Birch did an awesome job. I'm 1 week po tomorrow
  12. My pain is the worst on the left side too @Gold.KC mostly around the outside towards my armpit and incision site? Otherwise my pain is pretty manageable with just Panadol and neurofen.
  13. @Un-decided and @Emi have you tried coconut water? It helps flush all the toxins from your body. I had my op on Thursday and I don't think I'm too bloated. I've been having 2 small mango coconut water drinks each day. Glad the pain has been manageable for you guys. Yesterday was probably my worst day but today is pretty good.
  14. Yeah I'm pretty stoked with how good they are looking. In a bit more pain now than day 1 and I really don't want my endone to run out yet ? @Gold.KC
  15. I had surgery with Dr Birch yesterday and he has done an amazing job. I'm so, so, so happy with my girls. Can't recommend the staff at the Day Hospital highly enough either. All wonderful
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