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  1. Yep 10 days after you'll be fine to be walking around etc etc....just no lifting!
  2. Yep pretty much the same as EJ! I had a great recovery too and was driving at 10-14 days PO. Still had a bit of tightness in my chest but that was all
  3. Hi girls, I don't do xfit but I do weights a few times a week. You really need to listen to your body and your surgeons advice. I was walking the week after my BA and got back into weight training about 6 weeks after. Nothing that causes bounce for that time too. No pushups or chest isolation exercises for a bit longer than that. Before my BA I could do pushups on my toes, nose to the ground, I've only in the last few months gotten back to that strength. My chest was really weakened after my BA and I really noticed the difference with pushups/chest press/flys etc and my surgeon said it was because I was quite muscular and he had to cut a bit of that away to fit the implants (I went under the muscle too). I was extra careful with weight training coz I got teardrops so I was a bit paranoid about them turning/moving in the pocket. Good luck!
  4. It's really difficult to judge what cup size you can gain from what implant and depends a lot on the type/profile of the implant and your body as well, eg my friend is asian, very slim and got round 250-260cc (around that somewhere) and fits a B-C cup. I got teardrop 315cc and am a 10C-D depending on bra brand. I was an A cup before. Mine also look a lot more natural than hers. A part of me wishes they were a bit bigger, but my surgeon said that was the biggest size he could fit and my husband thinks they're perfect so there you go Everyone will tell you (your surgeon included) not to focus on cup size, but the 'look' you want, I know it's a difficult concept to get your head around, but it's very true!
  5. I know the feeling, I had drains and was really apprehensive about having them, and was lucky enough to get the out the next day. It will make sleeping a little awkward but honestly in my humble opinion it does wonders for reducing pain and swelling, as annoying as they are to have in at the time. Plus when you see the gunk that comes out of them you'll be glad it's coming out of you! Congrats on your BA and rest up
  6. I had a really good recovery also, I was not bed ridden, but did stay on the couch for 2-3 days after, just resting and keeping the ice on to reduce swelling. I went out after that for coffee with friends and stuff, I just found I got a bit tired with walking around and particularly bouncing and bumping in the car, also you have to be careful of what kind of handbag you take with you so there's not to much weight etc,,,,and DEF no lifting of the kiddies for a good few weeks....
  7. it really depends on when you want your surgery, I had my consult with him in August last year but didn't book in for surgery until October.
  8. I am 3 months PO and still have numbness in some areas, very occasionally I still get a shooting pain every now and then but it goes as quick as it comes. Apart from that the only achy pain I get is if I sleep on my tummy or side accidentally for too long. I don't think you should be getting the pain you've described this long after your surgery, have you asked your surgeon if this in normal?? The numbness definitely is though....
  9. DON"T DO IT!!!! Besides the fact that my trainer hates scales anyway, she yelled at me for being stupid enough to weigh myself on Day 3 after my surgery, I think her exact words were, "well what did you expect you spaz?? Of course you've put on weight!" Haha - it's all fluid etc etc, and a little extra for the boobs but in all seriousness, you will lose it, don't stress a kilo or two is completely normal post surgery and once you start becoming more active you'll be fine
  10. Yep I had it too, I also went through a week or so where I could feel the implant inside me, it was the strangest feeling ever, when I mentioned it to my surgeon he said it was most likely air bubbles I could feel rather than the actual implant and they go away with time and massage...now they feel like me
  11. My surgeons instructions said no spray tan for 3-4 weeks after
  12. I am a size 10 up top since my surgery and size 12 on the bottom, so I guess you could say I've got curves. I did have some moments after my surgery where I felt fat, especially since I was stupid and made the mistake of weighing myself a couple of days after, all the bloating etc etc made the numbers go up and I was a bit depressed, sure enough a week or so later the scales came back down, but I've really only recently started getting back into harder training now so that helps too. As far as how you look, I don't think boobs make you look big at all! In fact I've found like some of these girls my waist looks even smaller coz I'm more in proportion, which is awesome
  13. I didn't go interstate for Dr T, I'm in Sydney, I guess to answer your question, to me I think it would be strange to have the consult the day before, for me it was something I wanted to mull over for a while, but having had a consult in melbourne already I'm assuming you probably would have had that time to do that already? I guess it really just depends on what you can afford and if you get a good feeling about Dr T when you have your consult. Personally I can speak highly of his work and I think he and his staff are lovely
  14. My surgeon said no driving for 10 days after surgery, I drive a manual and was a a bit ginger even driving on day 10, maneuvering the gear stick, especially into 5th, and you don't realise how much you use your chest muscles in steering etc, so I would say no less than 10 days and even then be careful, wait for 2 weeks if you can get away with it.
  15. Hi aleisha! Congrats on your upcoming surgery! How exciting!! I am a Dr T patient and very very happy with my results!!! I only got 315cc and Dr T said that was the most he could fit in me, and I am filling a C nicely
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