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    Breast Augmentation
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    Mark Lee, 24 August 2016
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    160cm height, 60kgs weight

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  1. I'm 4 weeks PO with Mark and couldn't fault him! He and his team were fantastic. I'm thrilled with my results so far. I didn't go for the 'fake' look, mine are natural, but perky still. They're great, constantly flashing myself :-) haha.
  2. Hi girls! Just thought I would share my post op pics with you all! My stats are 160cm, 60kgs. I chose 400cc HP unders. ps: girls, boob greed is so real. I'm so glad I chose the size my surgeon suggested, but if I could have gone bigger I would of! Still early days.. Looking forward to the drop and fluff to continue. pps: my fit sisters, can you please tell me how you eased back into training? I have trained legs every second day (2-3 times a week) but I'm allowed to train arms next week (thank god). I can do shoulder press movements, but I've been told it does take some time to get back to your normal weights. Please tell me your stories!! X
  3. Were you able to get a massage while your boobs were still fairly new?
  4. I'm now 4 days PO and in so much pain. Sleeping is the worst. My tailbone is in so much agony! I get nerve pains under my left breast, then I feel like I've pulled a muscle in my right because I went to grab something i I can't wait for this to get better!
  5. My surgery is on 20 July with Dr Mark Lee here in Perth :-) Not sure of my BWD, but I'm 5'3 at 60kg. I'm getting 400cc unders HP 😋 So exciting! Anyone else going with Dr Mark Lee around this time and want to be support buddies? 😂
  6. It's worth it! They'll be wondering what on earth is going on 😂
  7. That was me, my quote I got from him was just over 9.5k! I've kept that piece of paper like it was gold haha. I know a couple of girls who haven't had their surgery but have booked had their quote revised. Worth calling @Glamgirl x
  8. I went with the 400cc! It really wasn't that much of a difference I found.. so glad I did too. They've been ordered, woohoo! happy I went with the 400cc!!
  9. Oh! No I didn't, I didn't realise you could have this done!
  10. Probably a silly question, but what are vectras?
  11. Hi girls! Finally had my consult with Dr Mark Lee yesterday! I was so happy with my consult and all the positive reviews I read on here and Facebook I decided to go ahead and make my booking for 24 August 2016. I first tried on the 350cc sizer which I fell in love with straight away. Looking down to actually have some boob going on would be a miracle 😂 Mark then gave me the 400cc. Was a bit skeptical at first because I'm only 160cm and 55kg and I thought this may look too big on my frame but I remembered the posts on here and some girls saying go bigger if you can! Anyway I've attached photos uploaded on here previously as well as the sizers. Thoughts? Can any other girls please post if they have similar stats and CC ? Would be greatly appreciated!
  12. I'll look now! Amazing!! They look fantastic!!
  13. This is a great post! I look forward to posting my D&F later this year!
  14. So excited for you!! Best of luck! Please let me know how you go x
  15. Thank you for accepting my FR Effie and for your feedback! Sounds like you had a great experience with him. Jenni was mentioned on my quote as one of the a anaethetists too, I'll definitely go with her. Do you book her closer to the date or after your consult? Thanks ladies!
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