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    Breast Augmentation
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    Mark Lee, 24 August 2016
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    160cm height, 60kgs weight

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  1. I'm 4 weeks PO with Mark and couldn't fault him! He and his team were fantastic. I'm thrilled with my results so far. I didn't go for the 'fake' look, mine are natural, but perky still. They're great, constantly flashing myself :-) haha.
  2. Hi girls! Just thought I would share my post op pics with you all! My stats are 160cm, 60kgs. I chose 400cc HP unders. ps: girls, boob greed is so real. I'm so glad I chose the size my surgeon suggested, but if I could have gone bigger I would of! Still early days.. Looking forward to the drop and fluff to continue. pps: my fit sisters, can you please tell me how you eased back into training? I have trained legs every second day (2-3 times a week) but I'm allowed to train arms next week (thank god). I can do shoulder press movements, but I've been told it does take some
  3. Were you able to get a massage while your boobs were still fairly new?
  4. I'm now 4 days PO and in so much pain. Sleeping is the worst. My tailbone is in so much agony! I get nerve pains under my left breast, then I feel like I've pulled a muscle in my right because I went to grab something i I can't wait for this to get better!
  5. My surgery is on 20 July with Dr Mark Lee here in Perth :-) Not sure of my BWD, but I'm 5'3 at 60kg. I'm getting 400cc unders HP ? So exciting! Anyone else going with Dr Mark Lee around this time and want to be support buddies? ?
  6. It's worth it! They'll be wondering what on earth is going on ?
  7. That was me, my quote I got from him was just over 9.5k! I've kept that piece of paper like it was gold haha. I know a couple of girls who haven't had their surgery but have booked had their quote revised. Worth calling @Glamgirl x
  8. I went with the 400cc! It really wasn't that much of a difference I found.. so glad I did too. They've been ordered, woohoo! happy I went with the 400cc!!
  9. Oh! No I didn't, I didn't realise you could have this done!
  10. Probably a silly question, but what are vectras?
  11. Hi girls! Finally had my consult with Dr Mark Lee yesterday! I was so happy with my consult and all the positive reviews I read on here and Facebook I decided to go ahead and make my booking for 24 August 2016. I first tried on the 350cc sizer which I fell in love with straight away. Looking down to actually have some boob going on would be a miracle ? Mark then gave me the 400cc. Was a bit skeptical at first because I'm only 160cm and 55kg and I thought this may look too big on my frame but I remembered the posts on here and some girls saying go bigger if you can! Anyway I'v
  12. I'll look now! Amazing!! They look fantastic!!
  13. This is a great post! I look forward to posting my D&F later this year!
  14. So excited for you!! Best of luck! Please let me know how you go x
  15. Thank you for accepting my FR Effie and for your feedback! Sounds like you had a great experience with him. Jenni was mentioned on my quote as one of the a anaethetists too, I'll definitely go with her. Do you book her closer to the date or after your consult? Thanks ladies!
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