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  1. I can only comment on Southwick. He was really great and I'm so happy with results!
  2. Wow so much has happened since I last checked in!! Hope everyone is doing well and good luck to ladies going in soon! I'm still sleeping in a semi upright position (3 weeks post op) - can I sleep normally now you reckon??
  3. Hi there - they gave me it as a tablet with some sterile water. Did the trick πŸ˜‰ Hi there - I started as a 10a. I went the biggest for my frame (according to my surgeon) and will end up with a full C cup, maybe a D depending on the bra. The surgeon will measure you up at your consult and let you know how big you could possibly go. Bring in lots of pics of the look/size you're after, that will help!
  4. Good good! Went out for dinner on Friday night and had a glass of red. Not sure if I'm allowed to, but it was lovely!! I'm still sleeping kinda sitting up which is pretty crappy for my back. My boobs are still quite tight and sitting up pretty high - have yours dropped at all? I'm so over having them up near my collarbone. How are you @Venus?
  5. @RenaeT I like the 390, suits your frame I reckon! @MissJulie Not sure what a stabiliser is - I need to wear this ugly bra 24/7 for 6 weeks and am currently needing to wear this fabric boob tube thing over the top (hopefully only for another week). What do you have to wear? I've also got major bruising in the cleavage space - anyone else experience that?
  6. Hi ladies - hope you've all been well. I haven't really been able to follow this thread so apologies if I've missed anything! I'm now 5 days post op and recovering so much better than expected! I'm still sitting quite high and feel pretty tight but other than that I'm feeling good and moving well. Sleeping upright on my back is annoying as hell though! Here are some pics I took this morning 😁
  7. Had my follow up consult with the surgeon today. From his perspective I'm looking good and recovering well! I have no pain now and didn't need any endone at all - no constipation either πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ so so so happy with my results! Can't wait to see how they look once they've settled down 😬😬
  8. I got 365 mod profile under πŸ‘πŸΌ
  9. @KAS-85 I cannot fault them so far - everything has gone smoothly, I'm recovering so much better than expected and the staff there are all so nice and responsive to my million calls with questions. I was a bit worried about the 'cheaper' price tag too, but I couldn't be happier. Hope that helps!
  10. Hi ladies - so I'm day 3 post op I was booked in for 730am - first patient in with Dr Southwick (yourbreast). I arrived at 730 and was brought into the consultation room at around 745. I was given diazepam to help me to relax (not that i was overly nervous, but it did take the edge off). The anaesthetist came and gave me the once over and i was asked to change into my lovely operation gown. At around 815, Dr Southwick came in for the final chat to confirm what he was going to do and what size he was going to use. I made sure I showed him a picture of what I wanted the result to look like (as I was tossing up between 300cc and 365cc). After a few minutes, i was walked into theatre and lay myself down for the operation. The last thing I remember was talking crap with the nurse (the diazapam maybe? lol) and then i was out. Upon waking, I was in the recovery room covered with blankets, but I was absolutely FREEZING. I also felt like I couldn't breath properly, like an elephant was sitting on my chest. My chest was already strapped up in the bra so it felt extremely tight. I was tended to straight away and was made as comfortable as they could make me. As soon as I was warmed up, the nurses got me dressed and moved me into a recliner chair and gave me a warm cup of tea a valium and biscuits (I hadn't eaten since lunch the day before). Dr Southwick popped by to let me know that he'd used the 365cc and that they would absolutely give me the look that I was after. I almost cried happy tears (valium maybe?). After a few instructions on what to do and what not to do, i was discharged and allowed to go home. I was pretty groggy day one and it was hard to move around as you're not allowed to use your arms at all. Dr Southwick gave me exercises to do, which was near impossible that day. I had a script for Endone and antibiotics, but i haven't needed the endone at all. Overall, apart from having to sleep sitting upright and the limited use of my arms, my surgery, the staff, Dr Southwick and my recovery has been better than i had ever expected. I have virtually ZERO pain and nearly full use of my arms now. On day two, I literally got a phone call from Dr Southwick, Dr Wallace (the anaesthetist) and TWO nurses that looked after me to check in on how I was going. They were just so caring and had my recovery in mind. I chose Dr Southwick because of his expertise and experience - he was abrupt at times, but seriously, this surgeon knows what he is doing and I honestly have no doubt in my mind now that I have made the right decision with going with Yourbreast. I am just SO happy with the result and cannot wait to see how they look when they drop and settle down. I'll post a before pic and a day 1 pic from my phone soon. Feel free to ask me ANY questions at all. I saw Dr Greensmith when I was in recovery! He was very caring and was checking on his patient that was in recovery like me. Seemed very nice - you'll be in good hands!
  11. You're telling me! I'm just so glad I did this - for me and my self esteem. Love them!
  12. Excuse the shoddy camera work - a before pic (singlet, no bra) and one day post op. I have boobies!!
  13. Thanks @Venus- where are you bloated and why does bloating happen do you know?
  14. I didn't even take into account breast width. I showed my surgeon the ideal size and look I wanted and I trusted him to get that look. Just trust your surgeon and be clear what look you want! by the way, @jolive7 @Venus @emmajade what did you need ice packs for? I haven't needed one? And when did the tightness subside? It's so annoying!! By the way, can't tell the diff in the size of each on at all. Looks hot!!
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