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    335/370 anatomical unders
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    Dr Tony Connell, 4/8/16
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    160cm, 50kg, 10AA

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  1. Hey @excited_much. I'm 160cm, 50ish kg and started as a 10AA. I used to be a B cup before breastfeeding and losing about 10kg. I currently measure at a 10 DD. And I know its a cliché, but i now sometimes get a bit of boob greed and would like to go a little bigger!! Although it may look strange on my frame. I am wrapt with what I have compared with what I started with! ?
  2. @Convinced, I had my BA done with Tony in August and when i went back in October for my check we found my right one had "velcroed". Basically it never dropped so has got stuck where he put it (happens in 1 - 2% of cases). So I'm going back in March to see if gravity has fixed it (nothing so far, unfortunately! ) and then in for a fix up over the april school holidays if need be (we live 6-7 hrs drive from Perth so not easy to get anything done!). So anyway, Tony was awesome throughout. He did not hesitate to say he'd fix it, and reassured me it would be at no cost to me.
  3. My right hasn't dropped yet. At my 9 week check I was told it had "velcroed". We're waiting till March to see if it sorts itself out, otherwise I'll need revision on that one. Good luck! X
  4. Finally got measured today at about 10 weeks PO. 10DD - pretty happy! ?
  5. Hey there @BunnyHop. Glad to hear you're going well. I see Tony in a fortnight on the 14the. It will be 9 weeks by then. My left has dropped nicely, although a bit more to go, I think. My right is still really high - maybe hasn't dropped at all! I think it's because that is the bigger implant and also my dominant side, so my muscles are tighter/stronger....
  6. Dr Kailis isn't a PS, only a CS. I have only heard good things though...
  7. That is a shitty thing for people to say @Suziet. And yes, @Kazza, most likely jealousy. All good here with recovery. Managing to sleep on my side, although careful not to roll forward too much. Surgical bra on for another week or so. I did buy a cheap Kmart one with a lower neck line for going out, otherwise very restricted in clothing! Still have some numbness and super sensitive nipples, but pretty much all good. Scars are great. A bit lumpy, but nothing unusual, I don't think. I hope everyone else is healing well xx
  8. They look amazing, @BunnyHop! They will look incredible once they settle. Tony told me to just massage scars with whatever I use on my face. Although I only had a BA, so not sure if a bit different for a lift as well.... I only took my tape off on Saturday (3 weeks and 2 days PO) but I'm so impressed with my scars. Not red at all, really thin and neat - very happy! Also I was told to take ibuprofen from one week PO for 2 weeks... It definitely helped with the morning boob! So all us August girls have awesome boobs now! This month has flown by. ? Hope everyone is recovering well
  9. Same, same, @newboobsmaybe regarding the 3 month bra thing and the anatomical implants adhering after that time ?
  10. Ouch! You poor thing, @BAExcitement75. Hope it gets better really soon xx. I'm a WA girl and went with Tony Connell. Couldn't fault him. Recovery going really well. Haven't been on here much as my parents have been staying with us and kids keep me busy. Funny how we all have different "symptoms", and different combinations of them! I have burning sore muscles by the end of the day and very sensitive, sore aeriolas. Mine are still pretty high and tight too. I'm in a compression bra still after almost 3 weeks and still for another 5 weeks! Been taking ibuprofen for a coupl
  11. Welcome, @Checken! How exciting - only 10 days to wait! Good luck ?
  12. You girls make me laugh! Yes, people are judgmental buggers. And some are more verbal about it than others. I'm sorry to hear your fiance is being a bit of a turd atm, @Nay. Just remind him men are usually the selfish ones, and you're just having a turn for a bit to see what it's like!! ? In saying that, my hubby has really stepped up to the plate on this, and I'm super impressed (he can be pretty self absorbed a lot of the time, which of course I pay him out about). We have 3 small kids and he's taken on primary carer role well. It may have something to do with the money we just forked o
  13. Good to hear @emmalouise ?. Yes, I like the nurses taking care of me too! ? It's nice for a change to be on the receiving end.
  14. Yes, can see the cut you mentioned, @emmalouise. I'm curious as to what your surgeon says about it! Otherwise looking great! @BunnyHop, you have Tony Connell too right? He's awesome, he made me feel really comfortable straight away - relaxed but respectful too. Good luck to the next bunch of August girls ?
  15. I've put up an album, so FR me if you want a sticky beak!!
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