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  1. I wonder why we can't report these accounts. I can only imagine how many creeps are creeping on here. Surely this is an issue admin must address.
  2. Is there a way to report these accounts? Does anyone else only get dm's asking for boob pics? I know some are probably legit and I don't mind replying to those but others are weird.
  3. Hi, do you know the name of the strapless bra that stays put is? I'm a GG/H but do they do a size 6 band? Really having trouble finding smaller band bras.
  4. My BA was straight forward and because I'd travelled interstate with my little kids I took them to do touristy things the very next day after my op. I was completely fine the next day so 3 weeks after I don't think you'd have a problem but everyone is different.
  5. These are much bigger than mine (615cc's) My height is 5.7 and I'm 55kg and mine are no where near this big.
  6. Thanks! This bra from memory is a 8F or 8FF but I'm usually a 6GG/H @maybenewboobies 615cc's
  7. Thanks! I'm super happy with them ? Do you mean what brand? They're Natrelles and bra is from Bnt (although I had to alter it to fit me) x
  8. I'd get a second opinion from a good ps and see what they say.
  9. I think it's best to call the surgeons office and quiz them and follow up by going directly to the each brands site.
  10. I'm pretty sure Dr M does phone/email consults too which could help you make your decision. Dr Dona's gallery is pretty amazing worth a look. GL
  11. I'd say Dr M is the best ps in the country if you want a "natural" look and Dr Dona is the best ps if you wanted the enhanced look. Both are in Sydney. Dr Dona has the longest waiting list that I know of - 3 months for consult and another 3 months for surgery. GL
  12. We have different stats but I have xhp implants. A good ps can alter the final look of xhp implants on your body to suit the look you're after. I asked that they not look overly fake but full (both lower and upper pole). My ps achieved an amazing result and placed the implants under the muscle.
  13. The night of my surgery we went out for dinner and every day after that we were out and about. I had a 2hr nap after surgery and then felt pretty normal from then on.
  14. It won't hurt to get another opinion if you're second guessing. I had mine done by Dr Dona. His work is amazing. I wanted an enhanced look that wasn't completely fake looking but not natural and he has done a phenomenal job on my boobs. From what I've seen Dr T does more of a natural look, so I guess it just depends what look you're after. GL
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