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  1. I'm so excited!!!! I just got my surgery recommendation from Cosmeditour GC, high profile anatomicals, from 250cc - 500cc, exactly what I hoped for!! Now to find out when my partner can get leave to watch the kids and then I can book!!! ?? Now sizing! Do you think 500cc would look too 'fake' for my frame? I'm 162cm 52kgs and quite narrow! Does anyone have any similar stats with a similar size? Thanks ladies ??
  2. I've sent a friend request Sam, I'm in the same boat and would love to see yours ??
  3. Thank so much hun, I'm also a loose B four kids later, id like to get to a DD so i'm thinking 400 - 450 cc if they'll fit! Thank you, i am so excited, hoping to get the first available surgery date if my consultation goes well! Do you have any pictures of yours? xx
  4. Hi ladies, I'm new here I have a consultation with Dr Murray on the 14th of April and am looking for any reviews on him and also is there anyone with similar stats? I'm 50kgs, 162cm tall and a B-cup, i'd love to see your before and afters as well as what size you went. I'm new to it all! Thank you xx
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