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    Breast augmentation
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    Dr Van Nguyen - July 2016
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  1. N4828

    Hi all!

    ? im so excited but July feels so far away at the moment. Im going through TCI Dr Nguyen he was very straightforward right from the start answered all my questions and even explained things i didn't even think to ask. I have been looking into breast augmentation way too much since my consultation haha ? and I've been going through my clothes thinking im going to have to get rid of most of my tops and dresses so i better start saving for a new wardrobe to go with my new boobs ?? What cc are you going?
  2. N4828

    Hi all!

    Im all booked in for the 27th July on the gold coast so excited went for a consultation yesterday tried on a couple different sizes and the last one as soon as i saw in the mirror what it looked like with my top on i couldnt keep the smile off my face so i have decided im going 560cc high profile round under the muscle. Im a little iffy on what size cup I'll be by the end the of the healing process but im sure it'll look greatthe doctor said that size suits my body shape and puts me in proportion with my bum and hips ?
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